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Found 1 result

  1. Sledgstone

    Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XV

    I played this demo a few weekends ago and I was not impressed at all. I've been looking forward to a new Final Fantasy game for years and this particular game has been in development for what.. 20 years I think? Its a game that was scrapped and revitalized and renamed numerous times and is finally getting released. All the previews of the game looked interesting. A freestyle fighting system, teleporting sword play, and a bunch of guys driving around in a car while seeing huge monsters roaming the wild. So I got the demo and what a disappointment. This is the kind of demo that makes me glad I didn't preorder this. Wtf. I booted it up and instead of all the cool stuff I saw in the trailers, my character is a little kid with a squeaky hammer weapon. It felt like I was playing Kingdom Hearts again. The camera was crappy and the graphics were unimpressive as if made for PS3. I have a bad feeling that this game is going to tank since Square Enix thought this demo must have been good since they released it to the public. It makes perfect sense that Square Enix's next Final Fantasy game will be a remake of FF7. They obviously have no idea what they are doing with making a new game at this point. I don't want some kiddy Kingdom Hearts crap. I want an epic RPG that will suck me into the world and make me feel for the characters and feel invested in the plot. Instead I got a demo that makes me want to not even look at any more footage of this game and completely forget about it even existing at this point. Maybe it'll be good, but I sure as hell am not going to buy this on launch day now. Its pretty messed up too. If not for this demo, I would have bought this on launch day guaranteed. This is the first time a demo has actually made me change my plans on buying a game.