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Found 4 results

  2. I'm sure everyone has seen some Charlie Sheen news.. what do you think tho? Should Charlie be locked up for his own good? Is he on the fast track to overdose/killing himself? Maybe he really has everything under control and hes just acting like an idiot at this point to get a crapload of paid interviews? I think hes a messed up and money hungry. [ame] [/ame]
  3. I haven't played a game in almost two days.. *twitch* I need my fix man! *twitch*X'D What do you think? Is gaming rushes equal to drug rushes?
  4. Click the link and you can listen to the article instead of reading it. Its a very interesting read. It explains how drug companies are using coupons to give everyone a better deal when it comes to out of pocket expenses.. but while you'll pay a lower price at the checkout, your insurance company gets a massive bill. After you listen to this article it makes more sense why health insurance prices are so ridiculously high. Drug companies are getting a huge chuck of cash off our insurance.