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Found 9 results

  1. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57526994-94/android-users-outraged-over-motorolas-broken-promise/ Next phone I buy will be an HTC or a Samsung. I will never buy a Motorola phone again. I specifically bought this phone because it was on sale, it had basically the same specs as the samsung galaxy at the time and it was guaranteed to be upgraded to the latest android operating system. I never got that upgraded operating system. Android 2.3 is so outdated, that numerous apps are not even available for it. I cannot even run Google Chrome.. wtf. No Vine, no Time Warner app, etc. Numerous basic features on all phones are not available to me because I bought this phone with the belief that I'd only use the old operating system for another month or so. I remember when my brother's Nexus got upgraded to android 4.1, he was talking about how it was like a brand new phone again.. I was looking forward to this upgrade for so long.. and then my hopes were crushed. Say no to Motorola. Don't even bother buying their crap, because its completely unsupported.
  2. Do you have games on your cell phone? What games do you have? How much did you pay for them? Do you know any free game sites? I am such a cell phone newb now. x_x I have three demo games on my rumor 2 and I'm tempted to buy Sonic 1 and 2 because they're available for my phone... they should only be about $3-$7 a piece, but then I have to pay the data transfer, which means about $2-$4 more per game I think... The data rates on sprint without a data plan are huge.
  3. Here is a video of Samsung's flexible screen tech from 2 years ago. Samsung, Sony and LG will all have flexible screens soon. This video was made before LG's flexible battery tech. Because there were no flexible batteries, there had to be a solid piece of the phone. Now the entire thing can be potentially flexible. With how thin the screens can be, it might only be a matter of time before we have tablets that are the size of a standard 12 inch ruler that have screens that can be pulled / rolled out into full size. Source: Dailymail The next interesting part is gesture control. All hands free control using ultrasound. Combine these two techs and we'll have the next gen cell phones, tablets, laptops, TVs of the future. Source: Bitrebels The flexible screen tech got me thinking.. they could make clothing out of those screens. Imagine a camouflage suit made out of this display technology. With the proper use of numerous mini cameras the screens could display your surroundings all over the suit and blend you completely into any location. Also, with screens that thin.. once they make them bigger and higher resolution, future TVs could be sold rolled up. Apply some double sided tape to your wall, unroll the tv and stick the screen in place. And with gesture control, we wouldn't need a camera built into the TV for smart app features.
  4. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/968523355/micro-phone-lens-cell-phone-based-microscope Wow. Now that is a simple idea. Its basically a sticker/lense that attaches to your camera on your phone. Way beyond macro pictures.. I can imagine some amazing shots being taken with this.
  5. http://www.dvice.com/2013-3-14/hands-galaxy-s4-samsungs-next-big-thing It will track your eye movement! Anyone planning on upgrading?
  6. http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-apple-siri-queries-20130419,0,7117017.story So if they remove identifiers to no longer associate an individual with the questions asked to Siri.. then what about the content of the questions or information shared with Siri? All those peoples names, addresses, etc. are all saved on Apple's systems? "Call so and so", "Give me directions to this persons address", etc., etc. All that info is saved.. wtf.
  7. This is an email I received from Sprint. I can only assume all major cell phone providers have a similar policy in place at this time. As for me, I don't want Sprint tracking my usage.. even if it is supposed to be anonymous. Its one thing to track usage to determine problems with their network but there is no reason to track what websites I am browsing. To change these settings in Sprint, you have to log in, click on my preferences and then click "Manage mobile advertising and reporting preferences" then change the settings for each phone in your account. Oh, and make sure you use Internet Explorer because even though the rest of the site works fine in Firefox, this one particular link will only load in Internet Explorer. wtf.
  8. Sledgstone

    Temple Run 2

    Now that Temple Run 2 is out, what is your best score? I suck at this game.
  9. http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2012/10/15/sprint-sells-percent-company-japanese-firm/Tjcsgx6Ko3UgWadvryvYtM/story.html http://gigaom.com/2012/10/18/sprint-gains-control-over-clearwire-with-stock-buy/ Maybe now Sprint will finally improve its network. It pisses me off to no end that sprint is completely useless inside most buildings and offices. I have no reception in my work building with sprint, but verizon customers can stream netflix. wtf. Both of those articles were from October of 2012.. so just when you think Sprint has a possibly bright future, you hear about a major failure like this: http://www.npr.org/2013/01/16/169490562/wayne-dobson-doesnt-have-your-lost-cellphone "Wayne Dobson Doesn't Have Your Lost Cellphone" The guy has so many ppl showing up at his house looking for their phone that he had to put a sign up in his yard. How the hell could Sprint have let this issue persist for 2 years!? I wonder if that guy has sued for some kind of compensation yet.
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