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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not interested in paying $2 to cover my gun in bacon. I've already spent enough money on this game.. My only concern will be if they start selling things that will give people an advantage. Battlefield has done the microtransactions for a while now. Buy some new dog tags, etc. But when BF3 started selling vehicle and class unlocks I felt pretty pissed off. The amount of time it took me to get all those unlocks to get better weapons available and now people can pay money and have an advantage over others that don't have heat seekers unlocked on jets or something. The only reason I can understand these unlock purchases are because people have already put their time in on the game but on a different console or PC and don't want to play 80 hours to get the same unlocks again. I still don't like it tho. I hope Call of Duty doesn't start doing that either. Its all about money.. and with all the new money they'll make from selling $2 bacon skins, will they re-invest that money into improving the game and maybe getting some actual servers? No.. instead I'll be stuck getting killed by some bacon gun right after another laggy server migration. x_x