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Found 1 result

  1. DeathscytheX

    Your Memorable "Hardest" Boss Battles

    The Boss Battle has been watered down or de-emphasized these days. What are some of the hardest, grueling boss battles you can remember as a kid? Those bosses you hated to face, but felt so rewarded when you finally beat them? 1. Quick Man from Mega Man 2.... This guy was so hard if you didn't know his weakness... You were already mentally exhausted from his insanely hard level. If you didn't know Flashman's weapon was his weakness after you used it all up getting to him... it was a feat to beat him when it could have been so easy... Anyone who played Mega Man 2 probably saved him for last. This guy used Crash Bombs which ive never seen before. 2. Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid OMG... talk about frustration. First he moved your controller on the floor if you had dual shock, then he read your save files on what games you like... and then... HE KNEW EVERYTHING YOU WERE GONNA DO!! It didn't matter how fast you pressed the buttons, He was always a step ahead. How were you suppose to know that you had to use the 2nd player controller to beat him? This was innovative and awesome... He was an easy boss when you found out how to beat him... but until then, he was impossible and had you like WTF?!?!!?!!