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Found 221 results

  2. Heres a blurb about it and some pics: If Disney is making this, and its about assassins, I'm pretty certain this will be a live action production like Pirates of the Caribbean and not a kid friendly pixar movie. But will they get someone who can act as insane as Johnny Depp to play the all these schizophrenics?
  3. If you have ever played the game, or any prince of persia game, stay away from this movie. It was the shittiest game to movie adaptation ever made. The plot of the movie didn't even have anything to do with the game's plot. In the game, the prince uses the dagger of time to inadvertently release the sands of time. The sands of time then spreads out across the palace/kingdom he was in and it turns everyone into sand demons... This now ranks up there with some of the worst movies I've ever seen.
  4. So I read earlier this year that Michael Bay said that transformers 3 will have less robots and less explosions and will focus more on the people. And then I read this news blurb about someone from Grey’s Anatomy being cast to play Megan Fox’s boss... wtf. Who cares about her boss? What about the tranformers? How bad is this movie going to be? x_x
  5. Its been over a year since they said they were going to make a new Judge Dredd movie, but now it looks like its going to actually happen.
  6. This trailer is just a longer version of the original trailer, but it does show some good footage. I like the briefcase/travel size iron man suit he easily busts out at the end of the trailer.
  7. Me: "Will this movie suck?" *shakes magic 8-ball* Magic 8-Ball: "Yes" I bet it will be a horror movie... "Am I safe here?" 8-ball: "RUN!" X'D
  8. And here I thought they were going to make a stupid battleship movie similar to the 1986 movie Top Gun. But nope, it looks like it'll be more like Independence Day.
  9. God I cannot stand this woman. As if the casting for the new Conan wasn't messed up enough, now they'll screw up Red Sonja too.
  10. Warners Acquires the Rights to 'Bleach' Wow, one of the guys behind the movie Get Smart. argh.
  11. I thought the Battle Angel movie was scrapped. Looks like it'll still get made... eventually. I've been waiting for a movie like Battle Angel to get made. Just like the comic book movie craze and remake movie craze, the anime/manga => Movie craze will kick in.... as long as we all forget about Dragonball Evolution. But then again, in a few years I'm sure it'll be a remake too.
  12. I completely forgot to make this topic when I first watched this in December. 4kids (as much as I hate them) actually made something good! Its a TMNT cartoon movie where the original 1988 cartoon version of the turtles team up with the 2003 version turtles. It sounds like its going to be lame, but holy crap it was good as hell! Anyone that is a fan of the turtles should watch this movie. This link has the entire video for watching on line:
  13. James Vanderbilt... wtf... Spider-Man meets Dawson's Creek. Teenager drama... I'm sure Disney would approve tho.
  14. Would you watch a Roger Rabbit movie?
  15. I liked the first and third highlander movies and the original series. But what will they reboot next, Hercules and Xena?
  16. Yet another remake...
  17. An alien abduction movie which reminds me of the movie "Fire in the Sky". The trailer looks creepy tho.
  18. ohhhh... I have a feeling this could be a good movie. But what would the plot be like? Or main characters?
  19. This movie was horrible. Anyone else watch it? The plot was completely sporadic and there were now real scene transitions. They were in a submarine, then in the next scene they were on snowmobiles and had heavy coats on and some other guy was guiding them... when the f*ck did they meet that guy and where are they now? Then they were in Canada and then the US and then her doctor that told her to get to the US for better treatment shows up to test her finger? Ummm... if the doctor just traveled from her location to the US with no problem, why couldn't he have just taken her with him instead of hiring Vin Diesel's character to half assidly smuggle her into the US? And then there was talk of a virus possibly killing millions of people but that plot line was completely dropped and then "5 years later... or some shit..." what!? Don't watch this movie. Its the worst movie I have ever seen Vin Diesel in. Hell, it even ranks up there as one of the worst movies ever made.
  20. Kingpin could be good as long as they follow the 1994 cartoon series... and assuming of course they don't screw up his character like they did in the movie Daredevil.
  21. Yet another anime based movie in the works...