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Found 1 result

  1. I started playing Mass Effect 1 this weekend. Since this game is so old, I will be using this topic to post updates on my progress of the game with spoilers as I come across them (new content for me, old for everyone else. ). Please don't spoil anything for me please. I just learned that mass effect is actually a means of FTL travel. I had no idea. I just figured it was a catchy scifi name for the series. I'm just past the initial mission and at the citadel right now. Saved the game right when I got there and haven't had the time to explore yet. I have some questions for all the Mass Effect vets here.. 1) Should I be actively equipping any and all gear to my squad mates as I come across stuff? I equipped a pistol on this one guy after I got it out of a crate, then he turned around to investigate something, then got shot and killed in a cutscene.. that pistol is now gone. x_x That was a cutscene death tho, what about my other squadmates? If they die is it permadeath too? I'll loose whatever upgrades they had equipped? 2) Should I be micromanaging combat like KOTOR 1? I know this game is made by the same dev and it really feels alot like a mixture of KOTOR's interface with more active combat. I was just treating it like an FPS, but then I realized the combat can be paused whenever with the space bar so I can order my squad to do things or use powers. 3) I picked infiltrator (i think thats what it was) because it has a sniper proficiency. I love sniping so it made sense for me to take this class. Its fun to kill people from a distance but I definitely miss not being able to hold breath to steady a shot. For anyone that knows, is infiltrator good in the late stages of the game or should I re-roll and go with something different since I'm not that far in? 4) Interact is the E button and using medi-gel packs is F.. Guild Wars 2 has conditioned me so much I keep using health packs at every damn container I try to open. x_x Should I save my health packs as much as possible or do they drop enough that I shouldn't be stingy with them? 5) Should I save my grenades for big enemies or throw them around as often as I want like in Uncharted? Do squad mates have grenades? or is it just me. I went into the space bar UI and didn't see any grenade options for my squadmates. Is that because they didn't have grenades at that time?