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  1. Come in here and tell me what youre favorite anime is one of my faviorte anime is fma its story is deep and the anime is great ive seen the entire series and it was awsome i cant wait to see the movie i heard it was true to the series and it was awsome trigun is also a great anime vash thats all i gota say
  2. evangelion all i gotta say
  3. there are some animes that arnt edited. except for the curseing.
  4. evangelion would come on late south park comes on at 10pm were im at adult swim dont start till 11pm so it would come on later than south park
  5. oh ok i see im still learning but yea there is no way they can but evangelion into a hour and a half movie unless they make more than one or like 10 itll never work they need to leave it as it is same with dragonball voltron and thundercats animes should not turn into live action movies but who knows maybe they will be good and thats a big maybe
  6. who double post and i just heard about it i hope they make it look good but prob not its a anime and should stay that way
  7. well i guess we gonna have to see im just saying look at the jewish episode of family guy and all the stuff south park is getting away with i know not same station but still alot of christians dont like that show but they dont edit south park all im gonna say is if they edit evangelion to much i will never watch adult swim again except for fullmetal alchemist
  8. evangelion is one of the best animes ive ever seen eve01 told me about it
  9. i not to sure if they will edit it like yall say look at family guy they let that show get away with alot of stuff
  10. yea cheese is the greatest i never laughed so hard that ep was great
  11. i must admit im watching the subbed version of Evangelion and it freaking awsome thanks eva for suggesting that to me its one of the best ive seen
  12. i like dubbed better its hard for me to read and watch the show at the same time but i watched season 1 of fullmetal alchemist dubbed but the second season in subbed and they both were great one of the worst dubbed i think is final fantasy unlimited good anime really bad dub
  13. oh fmp came out before fma i didnt know i just started to watch it cause when i looked up fma that came up to and it looked cool and it definatly is but am i right thats the same voice
  14. i just watched the 1st episode of fmp not second raid but the very 1st episode of season 1 so far it looks pretty cool the blonde guy kinda sounds like edward elric and somewhat looks like him but not really im looking forward to the rest of the series
  15. trigun is great i love it i wish they would have another season of it:D
  16. vampire hunter d was also a great anime that has to be the 1st one i ever saw
  17. yu yu was greatmost think dragonball is the best dragonball was great and dbz was by far the best of the series and gt was ok my fave would have to be fullmetal alchemist as im sure everyone can tell
  18. raven should keep the long hair and pale skin but definatly have the black outfit
  19. this show is funny its great my fav is the one with the monster that likes chocolate milk that one had me laughing like crazy^_^;
  20. the graphics look tight and from what i heard its going to be the best yet but just curious which are yall talking about the movie or the game either way they both look great
  21. did they ever have an episode with batman in it
  22. hey who is everyones faviorite charater in the show? mines is beastboy or cyborg. And who do you think the worst charater is? i think robin is. Oh and raven is crazy i like her to she could probably take the rest of the team out if she really wanted to. the series is cool ive missed alot of episodes but im still chatch what i can.
  23. Edit: Please remember to use Spoiler tags