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  1. I love Teen Titans but I do not have the time to see the new one but some time I can get some re-run-_-;
  2. I fond the part when that try to hang their self so funnyX'D
  3. No but whir did you see it seems good it would give me some thing to talk about
  4. That happen to me a lot
  5. Now that leaning
  6. I have I a lot toy doll but the cat is the oldest:drool: I would name them all but that would take a lot of time
  7. I would laugh but that is mean if it make you fill better I sleep with a toy cat:oops: and I do now to but it is so soft:D
  8. Dos that mean I have to do the 100’s
  9. why would whisper it no one know that you character is like if they can’t read it or is that the point:cool:
  10. The idea was to make a character it dos not have to be full out but that would be cool:cool: That a good stat but you don’t even have a name I don’t care if it is you fantasy but try a bit harder:p
  11. and It is hard to say but it is diff I like it read the review
  12. I think LadyWriter is the only lady in hare that go to show that she is so cool:ubercool:
  13. Ok their all winner we could not decide who is the hotels I know I can’t they are made to be hot so jus enjoy it if you ask me
  14. I have to have back ground noise I have the TV on now
  15. I love toothpaste
  16. So that is why my cat does that