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  1. wow that some powerful dugs
  2. Sango its like dating a ninja
  3. Did some say mob well pitchforks for eve body:D Stop playing with me:x
  4. Wind tuner dam it don’t work
  5. I have not seen some thing so funny in a long time:happy:
  6. Yes I love this show to That one:haha: The comment about the icehot padsX'D and……. well there more but I can’t think if it-_-; but my fav is Huey:D
  7. that it now it's my turn bend over
  8. Hay you alive and your chapter rocks
  9. Um waiter theirs a girl in my soup
  10. no I did not sleep with your girlfriend
  11. *Bing Eli back to life* I think it not his tail but it is one whit Sesshoumaru’s:meh:
  12. I think the wise old fart^_^; but that jus me
  13. I thing the same thing about me Wow it got to take a long time to make your book thing but man you are good at it:tup:
  14. Ya I am the wield one and dudeman is normal one:meh: Hay why is so bad that me or dudeman to be in it:x But it like it so far Kuwabara:bigthumb:
  15. I was going to add in vampire to it but that’s too much Off Topic: Ok but to what font
  16. What is it a about:?
  17. By now you mite know that I have not watch a lot of animation so what is evangelion
  18. Boya the cat :hugegrin:
  19. Yes they did
  20. WoW that good How about a ninja pirate:D
  21. I fond it funny
  22. It ops I had know ideaO_O I can edit it how would you like me to have it
  23. Raven is my to and like most of you I don’t hate anybody:p This is the fist time I have seeing Raven with long hair and I like it:bigthumb:
  24. I have watch it and it is funny but some times I feel funny watching it because it is for kids