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    I am insane
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    what is a book
  1. daymost

    Yeah, yeah, I'm sledgestone's brother

    Welcome to the Ancient Clan you seem to fit in. well enjoy all the madness if not the madness will enjoy you mhaha.
  2. daymost

    I am talking about Ranma

    O that episodes “what dos youth mean to you” lol. If that guy came to my school I would kill him if someone dos not get there be for me. Now that I think about it you he is a lot like Gai Sensei.
  3. daymost

    I am talking about Ranma

    Well I can show you a website that has all the EP it like youtube so I don’t think you can download them.
  4. daymost

    I am talking about Ranma

    Girl Ranma is hot but is that weird she is guy^_^ . I don’t know about Ryoga but P-chan is cute. I think I can do that for you if you want.
  5. I Know some one has seen Ranma ½ but no one talk about so why not? How abut we start with who has seen it?
  6. daymost

    Haven't written anything in a while

    Want to die in a good way or bad way? Nan you can’t offend that easy, I jus hope I didn’t offend you.
  7. daymost

    new avatar!

    I love it cute and think I have seen it some ware be for
  8. daymost

    it kinda counts as fanart :p

    L love it *glomp* I going to play with it a bit, adding color any input
  9. daymost

    it kinda counts as fanart :p

    Ok that good take all the time you need O if you did forget me you would not be the fist^_^;
  10. daymost

    favorite amvs

    well its not an AMV but it is like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOg0n1Ujx4M
  11. daymost

    it kinda counts as fanart :p

    Have you forgotten me? L
  12. daymost

    Haven't written anything in a while

    I like it come fome the heart. It seems like that boy was you.
  13. daymost

    Crazy Guy Yelling At Cats

    poor cats
  14. daymost

    this sick is bullshit

    I have sick two times but they last about two days
  15. daymost

    Humans,Devils and Angels.

    Thats good I like it. you should do some more.