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  1. lol wtf GG.... i don't even think i would like to recieve a cake like that on my birthday X'D


    happy super belated birthday sledge!!! my birthday is also close enough to get either a christmas card that says happy birthday or vice versa lol


    generally i just tell people to combine presents. i never know what i want when people ask ^^;;

  2. you can do it GG!!!! just keep positive :) fight those urges!! maybe look into some healthier snacky/munchy foods? they're coming out with lots of new chips. look into veggie straws (only thing i can think of off the top of my head). they taste just like salty delicious potato chips with a third of the sodium and like... 1 or 2 grams of sugar. soooo tasty though.

  3. i cried reading where the red fern grows omfg...

    when i was a kid i read everything i could get my hands on (i wasn't allowed to nap during nap time at school because i wouldn't sleep at night afterwards so they always stuck me in the "book nook"). my mom would read Little Women to me before bed sometimes too. i read a lot of nancy drew and any book on animals i could find. also there were a slew of berenstain bears books.

  4. you definitely have shadow people in your house.... they like to hang out by the basement door and the top of the stairs anytime i visit yours and lady's house...

    those are some really cool pics though sabe. that kind of stuff has always fascinated me i can't say i've ever gotten the chance to catch any on camera

  5. ah that's scary!! i only went and had 1 drink at a friend's house and hung out for a bit before going to look for the super moon! no luck in jersey though :/ too much cloud cover.

  6. plastics usually get thrown into landfills if people a.) don't separate their garbage in the first place, or b.) the town that collect garbage does not offer separate recycling pick up so everything goes to the same place. it'd be a good idea if they could come up with a way to implement them into landfill sites! i wonder if they'll eat away at the lining at the bottom as well, or attack things other than plastic?