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  1. wow. just.. wow...
  2. ahahaha why not? you wouldn't do a guy like that? X'D
  3. oh man that's so crazy X'D
  4. X'D oh wow i'm gonna have to read through the rest when i get home from work haha
  5. mine was definitely sailor moon, which was the stepping stone to ending a long standing high tension siblings rivalry between me and eppy X'D and to think... all he had to do was tape a couple episodes of sailor moon X'D but yes. what REALLY hooked me after that was tenchi muyo and thus followed many many ryo-ohki, ohki-chan, and cabbitgirl names all over the internet i dont even remember when i saw my first hentai... it was before i knew what was actually going on though ^^;; sooo... 8? 9? possibly 10 years old?
  6. happy birthdayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hi! welcome
  8. hahahahahahahha that's amazing X'D
  9. wow GG i never knew that!
  10. hello
  11. wow way to fail X'D why not just use a baseball bat? i've broken into many of my friends cars with a screwdriver and a coat hanger when they lock their keys inside.... maybe i should consider changing occupations... lol
  12. X'D congrats cammy!
  13. this is probably the one worst kind of thing to happen to you... besides going blind or all the cute girls in the world disappearing.. >_> maybe you can just eat some pudding or applesauce and stuff like that until your tongue feels better? soft foods shouldn't be a problem... just make sure to stay away from stuff that involves a lot of chewing so you don't accidentally bite your tongue :/
  14. yayyy!!! happy bday AC!
  15. that's intense!!
  16. wow... they're so dumb X'D or just have really bad luck lol
  17. AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA X'D p-chan.... WOW hahah X'D
  18. Z3r0QpGnxdE Ds7NBsHxBZE hahaha anyone remember that sky dancers had a show? X'D Ai_dNHHR1HQ X6_RZhh44NY some of these are soooo much more terrible than i remember .gif' alt='::'>
  19. ah! ive seen this one on DA before ^^ really cool!
  20. ah i love swat cats!!!! :D
  21. good luck! lol
  22. wow... and i really contemplated opening this again for a minute before clicking...
  23. thanks for the invite ill join in :3
  24. happy earth dayyyy :D *frolics around lady's yard*