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  1. i vaguely remember the name, but i may have just joined by then haha welcome back we've been a terrible influence on GG hehe
  2. ok, so little back story before i post the whole story: i wrote this for my creative writing class and it drove me crazy trying to think about it and get it done in time to hand in. It will be handed out to the class next week (i think) and they will go home and read it and it'll be work shopped in the class the following week, or after that. So this is not a finished polished thing yet. I kind of feel as if it were a little thrown together. but anyway, enough back story, here it is... (put it in spoiler tags for less scrolling if you already read it haha) critique, comments, likes, dislikes, all are welcome hope it was enjoyable!
  3. so i just realized i never posted the revision for you guys! a lot of people seemed to like it and pointed out some great stuff and i got SOME good feedback... for those that wrote any so here ya go! i may or may not work on this some more later on down the road
  4. awesome i've thought about it, but our area really isn't very bad at all... though people do tend to scatter if you yell "HEY! WTF ARE YOU DOING" since usually no one decides to help
  5. hahahah sledge i'm not so sure about that X'D
  6. ya you get used to it ^^;; my hair is so thick though so it takes foreverrrr i don't use a hair dryer either... since it adds volume to your hair (volume is something i definitely DONT need...) and i try not to use any heat on my hair what so ever to damage it any more.
  7. the dove conditioner would be alright to use along with the 2 in 1 (that way you don't just waste it!) and i don't always wrap up my hair, but it was just a random tip i thought i'd share lol. my hair takes 2 days to dry so sometimes i wrap it because i don't want to sleep on a wet pillow 2 nights in a row ^^;;
  8. ya like dubird said 2 in 1 doesn't really help very much. you need to do the shampoo THEN the conditioner in 2 separate steps for it to do much of anything. also, fun fact i learned was if you're going to sleep with it wet, you should wrap it in silk (or to make it easier have a silk pillowcase) because cotton (whether it be a bandana or your sheets) will absorb all of the moisture from your hair. maybe even a leave in conditioner would help you out a bit. i know Aussie makes one that has helped me a hell of a lot, but it does smell kinda girly lol... but im sure there are other brands too. just take a nice walk down the shampoo aisle in any store
  9. people are stupid X'D
  10. if your hair is longer and starting to get frizzy-ish you might wanna think about getting some conditioner to help give your hair a nice soft texture :3
  11. figured i'd share :3
  12. thanks! ^^
  13. by the way for anyone who was interested, today was truck day at the store and we got in the big bags of pretzel M&M's! keep your eyes peeled!
  14. i absolutely ADORE the coconut M&Ms the pretzel ones are good too. i also like the dark chocolate kit kats we got in recently too. they actually go really well with my coffee in the morning if im craving a little sugar :3 the fizzing skittles... not impressed. they taste like garbage after the fizzy stuff wears off and the aftertaste isnt too nice either.
  15. awwww yay! glad he could give his kitty some new feet! ^-^
  16. 1 liter
  17. i haven't gotten to see them in action yet (wasn't very windy the day i put them out) but im sure they do :3 thanks everyone ^^ i'm real proud of them
  18. From the album Stuff

  19. well i've still got a fast metabolism as of now... im only 20 after all. i do need to fix my sleeping habits though.... but like lady, i dont really ever eat fast food. it wrecks my stomach now since i havent had it in so long. mostly drink water or green tea. have a cup of coffee here and there, but other than that i don't have any kind of exercise regimen or anything, just really watch what i eat. i guess it helps not to have a sweet tooth as well ^^;;
  20. hahahah i added that black lagoon one to my favorites X'D
  21. i love that be your own hero one
  22. long time no see!! *glomp*