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  1. CabbitGirl

    Return Debut!!!

    welcome back!!
  2. CabbitGirl

    Superhydrophobic Spray, impressive!

    woah!! that's so cool!!
  3. CabbitGirl

    Lytro Camera - Take picture, then focus.

    that's cheating!!! lol but oh man that's so cool
  4. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthday Strider!

    happy birthdayy!!!
  5. CabbitGirl

    Avengers Trailer!

    i can't waaaaaaaaait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. CabbitGirl

    Table Salt artwork.. impressive!

    woah that's insane!!
  7. CabbitGirl

    Steam users?

    i used steam.. not avidly though.. they kicked my messaging privileges offline because i didn't spend enough hours gaming (like no hours what so ever for a few months time..) so there was no reason for me to use it unless i want to log my sc2 hours :3 i'm sure eppy will have some good input for you!
  8. CabbitGirl

    Evanescence ! (so exciting)

    haha ya a little bit. they didn't want any behind the scenes stuff getting out unless they released it guess they also wouldn't like people knowing the fact that they were like 4 hours behind schedule... >_>
  9. CabbitGirl

    Evanescence ! (so exciting)

    so i wanted to share an exciting experience me and my 2 friends got picked to be in the new evanescence video that just got released today!! (you can't really pick out me or my friends, but we were part of it!!) so this is the finished product: http://vevo.ly/oJsExL but you CAN spot me and my pink hair in the behind the scenes video! http://vevo.ly/nAp709 it was soooo hot and we ended up missing our train because the video shoot ran so long! we got out around 1ish, got back to the NY Penn Station around 1:30-2am (the last train home left at about 1:07am... first train back on a sunday wasnt until 6am) so we decided to go to the bars until 4am and then slept in penn station for a while. finally got on the train after doing all that standing around in the heat and then jumping around like crazy for 3-4 hours of the video shoot. quite the eventful day!! so yayyy!! i'm so glad it's released now! X'D my friend texted me as soon as it was out so i watched it as soon as i got home from work! ah! just wanted to share
  10. CabbitGirl

    Evanescence ! (so exciting)

    they actually took our cameras and cell phones for the duration of the shoot lol so no behind the scenes pictures from phone OR camera.. oh well... they gave us all autographed pictures though it was so cool!
  11. CabbitGirl

    CueLight Interactive Pool Table System

    woooahhhh that's so cool! i feel like the lights constantly going would throw me off though
  12. CabbitGirl

    Hi kids, do you like violence?

    i like the first one too :3 but they all look crazy like they're gonna kill someone X'D
  13. CabbitGirl

    happy birthday lady-chwan!!!! <3

    happy birthdayyy!!!!!!!!!!! what's on the agenda?! breakfast in bed? clean dishes? someone to take ~chu out for ya? hope it's awesome anyway!!!
  14. CabbitGirl

    Jodie Foster Helps Reactivate SETI!

  15. CabbitGirl

    Whackitydackity Picture Thread

    very creative X'D
  16. CabbitGirl

    Sheryl Crow

    doesn't look like a waste of your life. looks more like progress to me great job!
  17. CabbitGirl

    vBulletin 4 progress...

    good luck!!
  18. CabbitGirl

    stuff that is just plain awesome

    ahahahahahah X'D such a great set up and everything ahahahhah X'D
  19. CabbitGirl

    Game of Thrones

    i've only seen the first 2 episodes so far, but it's soooo good!! definitely plan on watching more
  20. CabbitGirl

    Whackitydackity Picture Thread

    awww that's cuuute they're snuggling!
  21. CabbitGirl

    Happy Birthday Khell

    happyyy birthdayyyy!!!