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  1. so cool i found this a while ago, but i didn't know it gave you more info if you clicked on things! neat!
  2. The ghost in the shell and spike one are put together very well! I like them a lot
  3. I've been to Otakon a bunch of times. Didn't go last year because I was short on money. I've also been to Anime Next in NJ. Not quite sure if I'll be attending any this year
  4. yayyy!!!
  5. that second one is suuuuuper creepy *shivers*
  6. so, essentially, if we don't get to a torrent posting spammer first and ban them and delete their post and someone from the government does first and sees it's a link to a torrent site, we could be shut down.... wtf
  7. i will!! :D thank you everyone
  8. thank youuu!!!!!!!!! lol i'm boring, I actually went to work today, but my mom left me a check and some flowers on the counter for me when i got home!! I'm saving my money and days off for the weekend to celebrate with a friend who's birthday is on the 20th so it'll be double the fun!!
  9. [ame][/ame]
  10. BLITZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap! ya wow it's been super long since your last post X'D glad to hear you're doing so well!! i remember trying to hunt you down at otakon X'D
  11. so pretty!!
  12. working early morning, napping, then off to do some party hoppin!
  13. I'm not sure if i've ever shared this before, but I just came across this again tonight X'D [ame] [/ame]It was made by a couple kids in the grade below me, and if nothing else, the fight scenes were so well done for a high school tv production class project haha it still makes me laugh X'D
  14. so prettyyyy
  15. yayyyyyy happy birthdaaayy!!!!!!!!!!
  16. got some camera accessories and a spare camera battery with a car charger from my mom and some gift cards from dad. cool kitty shirt from eppy too! also just glad to have the day off lol
  17. i like that picture though!!! i just wish it wasn't from when i was 16 X'D !! and yayy!! mission impossible sounds like fun :D :D :D

  18. nooooooooooooooothinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!!!!!! i just realized my picture in my profile is super super old X'D

    what's up with you?! :D

  19. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. welcome erika!
  21. ok i'll have to remember to take a picture of my pork roll, egg and cheese on a bagel before i eat it X'D awww mannnnn i need to go on a food adventure with you in the city gg!!! that deli food looks amaaaazing my buddies i told you that are going to school up there said they found a few good places too!!
  22. ;;;;;
  23. that's amazing!!! atleast if it take 25 years. she's got a head start only being 17
  24. welcome!!
  25. yayyy im glad to hear it was good i'm gonna take my mom to go see it soon!!