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  1. hah wow... it's taller than you guys. that suuucksss. i didn't get to miss work, but i did get to miss school!
  2. we got a nice mess today... wet snowfall, then rain, now more snow and high winds
  3. ok I was looking for movie times and saw this link at the bottom, this guy built a Hobbit House! but thennnn i also went to see this guy who did tree houses! so cool! i totally wouldn't mind living in either of those
  4. ahahahahahha GG omg X'D
  5. wow. just.... wow.
  6. i watched it! Shaun White kicked some fuckin assss!!!!!! ahhh so awesome!
  7. i worked, but me and my boyfriend saw each other the night before and i FINALLY got to give him his present that ive had for a month now (which were tickets to see a comedian he likes :3 ) and he brought me a bouquet of roses
  8. what kind of stuff do you like to do other than photography? what kind of pastries do you like to make?
  9. ya, you gotta mark off that little check box *pet pet* don't worry you'll get used to a couple things around here. If you have any questions about anything, you can make a topic in the Q&A forum or message one of the mods or admin for help. Or you can check to see if your question has already been answered in the FAQ
  10. welcome we have quite a bit in common! X'D hope you stay for a while, for we are quite the interesting bunch ourselves
  11. welcome back! what did your name used to be here?
  12. ive seen the first vid before (boyfriend is obsessed with huskies lol) so cuute!
  13. welcome back
  14. hahahhahahahah X'D
  15. i want one tooo!!!! X'D
  16. thought it was amazing. my mom specifically enjoyed it because they stuck so true the original books. it was kind of dark colors and such, but still enjoyable to watch, i wouldn't really say monochromatic, but sort of darker colors. i loved it i would recommend seeing it
  17. so ya. i have to vent... somewhere where he can't see it. so i'll do it here. because OBVIOUSLY i can't talk to him about it... i can't. he's the one who says we need to talk it out, everything should be out in the open and it can all be resolved by letting it out in the open. well, apparently, there are some things you can't talk out.... so now that you're all thoroughly confused and scratching your heads trying to figure out what comes next, i'll explain the situation quickly, then lay out the problem for you and tell you whyyyyy im so frustratedddddsddddsflgjh fkehdf;/lzs i'm a photographer. a BAND photographer. Local bands usually play in bars and venues that have bars(whether the bars are open or not on the occasion i'm there). that said, my boyfriend is mr. worse case scenario. he doesn't like the fact that i go to my shows usually by myself (and usually in broad daylight) because a) no one is available to go with me or none of my friends WANT to go to the show with me. yes, i've set this up to seem like he has every right to be concerned. BUT i've been going all of these same venues since i was 13..... i'm 20 now. that's 7 years of experience going to the same venues. if 7 years isn't enough experience for him to realize that i'm going to be fine, i'm not sure he will ever be ok with that. what he doesn't realize is he's going to have to deal with it. this is what i do. this is what i've always done. i'm not going to stop not because of some "what if" scenario. if i spent my life worrying about "what if this could happen to me", i'd be confined to my room the rest of my damn life. and i'm not doing that. second problem. he's worried about me. fine. but he's NOT going WITH me.... this is just adding insult to injury... third problem... he has a particular problem with the show i'm supposed to shoot tomorrow. he has a problem with the particular band member i'm supposed to go see. he never met him. ever. BEFORE me and my boyfriend ever met, me and this person SPECULATED having relations of some kind. possibly flirted a bit. nothing came of it. NOTHING. i think we held hands once? that's about it. just another one of my friends (and most of my friends are male). this guy had a show, contacted me to buy a ticket (because it's a battle of the bands and ticket sales are part of the contest) and asked me if i'd take pictures like i did for the previous band he was in. i agreed, and told my boyfriend about it. it was as if i just set a bomb off. but he didn't want to talk about it so i didn't bring it up. i got a ticket for him anyway whether he ended up going or not. i kept reminding him it was coming up and he just kept blowing off teh subject. so fine. we weren't going to talk about it, but i'm still going. and for whatever reason he just can't seem to accept the fact that i'm just going to go. we had a HUGE fight over it when i got the stupid tickets back in nov/dec... this is what he thinks is going to happen.... 1. i'm going to the show and he is going to prey on me 2. he's going to corner me at the show and do whatever (harm me.. idk.) 3. he's going to kidnap me? k. first off, this is my friend we're talking about... not some asshole who offered my a job on facebook/myspace/craiglist or what have you... this is my FRIEND i'm shooting a show for.... now this translates to me that i'm the stupid little naive girl going to a show that's just going to be lured by candy into a van..... i'm smarter than that, i wouldn't put myself in a situation like that... again, he's my FRIEND. ugh. i understand he hasn't met the kid, but i offered to let him meet him and he didn't want to. so i'm going to the show tomorrow, and he's probably going to hate me when i get home, and tomorrow is just going to be a really bad day. I DONT WANT TO FEEL BAD GOING TO DO SOMETHING I LOVE TO DO UGHHHHIO ghklhtehtlukjeg yaeiurherikgikerh tlueg uteh .....thanks for reading this far if you did..... but i can't post any of this on my facebook or myspace or DA or my blog because some of his family members read it.... ugh.
  18. i dunno if anything will make him feel better at this point. he's just like "i don't want to know about it. i'll be fine. forget about it" but i know its not fine. if this were flip flopped i would NOT be allowed to change the subject.. but ya, maybe carrying something like that would make him feel better. i dunno.
  19. that's why you break the phone in half and say your brother ran it over.... THEN you get a replacement under the insurance even if its water damaged haha. im sorry kite. i work in a pharamacy (not even the part that deals with the pills up front) i had a man come up to me and rant to me about how the gym members next door park in the parking lot in front of our store and how he wanted me to do something about it... i was like umm.... i'll pass the info along. my cashier almost burst out laughing before he was all the way out of the store lol... i guess people just look at you and expect you to do anything they want. :shrug: most of them are retarded.
  20. he's mr. worse case scenario. he's also afraid of me being kidnapped in broad daylight in a public place and no one doing a damn thing to stop it. but im aware we need to sit down and talk about it and we have. we've talked about it. he knows im not going to stop doing it. he's the first one to say we need to talk things out and work it out ect. but i cant seem to get him to talk about this and actually come to a SOLUTION. we've talked about it, yelled about it, mentioned it and quickly changed the subject, but i either get frustration and no solution or "lets not talk about this now".
  21. omg.... lol no he wouldnt do that. he wouldve just flat out told me, youre not going.. and then i wouldve laughed at him and said thats funny, im going bye.
  22. thanks for the offer GG but i was ok, and almost happy i ended up going on my own out of spite. we've had this conversation. many times. my biggest concern was that if he was so fucking worried why doesnt he just come? well he didn't want to ruin my time there... that was his excuse. so i told him, well either way you're going to. because i'd rather you come "ruin my time" instead of hating me when i get home anyway. yes GG its the PAST. i dont get what the fuck is so hard about it. i mean really, me and this kid barely HAD a past at all, so that further baffles the shit out of me. his other thing is that its not because he doesnt trust me, its because he doesnt trust other people... ugh. so what. you dont have to trust other people. trust in the fact that your girlfriend has a fucking brain. it just makes me so angry. i told my parents about it on the way out and they just rolled there eyes. my mom made a comment when i got home, she says "oh look! you're back in one piece!" heh. so im not the only one that thinks this is crazy......
  23. ahhhhh!!!! *adopts* :3 so great
  24. wtf?!?! are you serious? stan lee spent 11 pages on it because IT DIDN'T MATTER...........
  25. lol thanks X'D