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  1. OMG i loved it i cant wait to see what happens
  2. i thought it was great i cant wait for more
  3. thats a good one or maybe glue
  4. i'v watched the first 100 episode so many times even i was able to answer most of then but the staples i never would have geussed
  5. did you see it in english or jap?
  6. i started watching it once but then stopped for some reason cant remember why but im with mibu if i saw these thing in the forest i would freak but in a movie there so cute
  7. heres a couple i just made the other day i can have some avatars made to go with i'll probably be posting more later
  8. yeah i wasnt even thinking about that i just hope they dont edit to much and if they do i mite not even watch it btw do you guys know what time there playing it
  9. their great i really like the last three
  10. wow every bodys sigs are so great you guys are really amazing but this one is my fav i love the colors its just so bright and pretty you did really great on this one lady
  11. yeah i agree with eva-01 they probably will edit way to much and if you miss an episode then it will be really hard to get back on track
  12. its great i love it awesome, amazing, better than great and your so right pirates are better than ninjas
  13. more in general but i have trouble finding those kind of pics most of the time i get stuck with screen shots
  14. wow how do you get your pics so sharp? there really great i love them!
  15. im so happy somebody started a thread about this i agree with lady guys with long braids are so cute but i am a little freaked about how many guys are posting
  16. i saw it last year i think i love it but i hated the ending
  17. first i would like to say this is a problem so i thought it would go in rants and raves / issues but then i thought its also about sigs so i didnt know were it should go sorry if its in the wrong place ok so my problem is i'v been working in photoshop for a wile now and it dosn't seem like my sigs are getting any better mostly i think because i cant really come up with any ideas and wen i do come up with some thing it dosn't seen vary good i dont get how hellcat and lady can do so many and so good wen i sarted in photoshop i thought this mite be something i can do and maybe even be good at wich would be a big thing for me cause i normaly quit at something if im not good at it so if you guys could give some advice i would really be great full
  18. wow DeathscytheX i love the last one its really great
  19. you all helped a lot and all the sigs were great thank you i can do layers and brushes basic stuff like that but most of my problem is getting the pic to go good with brushes and wen i use more than one pic i cant get them to go good together im not to good with the layer effects yet but i think i understand how most of them were made but i could never do then atleast not for a wile
  20. how long have you guys been working in photoshop and stuff like that? i love every thing hellcat lady and dubird do its really great stuff
  21. do you guys know wen it playing?
  22. i hven't even seen all the episodes that thay have now im allwase broke and cant buy them
  23. if that it true than im the happist person on earth where did you get this info?