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  1. falling-angel-111

    What should I do?

    Ok, so I downloaded some music from Urge, and I want to put it into Itunes. But it says "One or more of the songs you are adding to Itunes, including "01 1, 2 step (2).wma', are in the WMA format. Itunes will automatically convert them to the AAC format so that they can be added to your Itunes music library." So when I push ok it says, "One or more of the songs being added are in the protected WMA format, including the song "01 1, 2 step (2).WMA", and could not be converted." So does anybody know of a way to unprotect these files? Maybe some kind of program or something? I have no clue what to do, so any ideas would be a big help.
  2. falling-angel-111

    Hollywood Undead

    Sorry for bringing this back, but I think they're fucking awesome! It took me forever to find a torrent, but it was totally worth it. (I would have just bought it, but I couldn't find it at walmart, and it probably would have been edited anyway.) I think their voices make the rap even better, it's like a perfect mix! I could listen to them all day, sure they're emo and all, but they still fucking rock!
  3. falling-angel-111

    Hi PPL

    Welcome! If you have any trouble don't come to me, I won't be able to help. Does that mean I'm still a noob? =/ I think we both joined around the same time.
  4. falling-angel-111

    Fort Minor

    That's it! Kenji was the other song I really like, it's so sad though.
  5. falling-angel-111

    Fort Minor

    I went up on Urge a while ago to listen to fortminor, I thought it was fucking awesome! I'm not usually into rap, but they're so good I could listen to them all day. I like 'Where'd you go' (and some other song but I can't remember the name to it) the most.
  6. falling-angel-111

    why the animals?!

    lol, not exactly what I ment. Kill the cows, they taste good. We have reason for killing them. But I was talking more about how poor little animals are dying because we pollute, so people are trying to keep that from happening. Maybe I got the point of the thread wrong. Oh well, either way I think humans are smarter than wolfs. Why kill a kitten just so you can look at it?
  7. falling-angel-111

    why the animals?!

    Well, most of the time we're the reason they're dying, so I think a lot of people feel like it's right to clean up after the people that are too lazy to. If nobody tried to help, then I think you'd be bitching for somebody to do something. In some cases it's pointless, but why should the animals have to suffer because we're lazy? And it's not exactly natural, we're the one's killin' the damn things. Plus I think it might be a little hard to eat healthy if all the f***ing animals are dead.
  8. falling-angel-111

    Cheza and Cloud

    I like the bottom one, which ever anime/game that's from. Great work as usual Hell_cat!
  9. falling-angel-111

    doodle doodle sketch

    Awww, I love the one with the heart, it's kinda sad though... It's cute, it'd be cool if there was a cartoon with that kind of animation. Or like Hellcat said, T-shirts would be really cute too. I'd totaly buy one!
  10. falling-angel-111

    Panic! at the disco

    I have the cd, I love them! I first heard them on Fuse daily downloads, I think. 'I write sins not trageties' is a good song but it's over played, my favorite is 'Time to dance'. That's just an awesome song!
  11. falling-angel-111

    i was told to post here

    Welcome! *hides Torreyjs so GRX can't find him*
  12. falling-angel-111

    New here

    Welcome! It's been a while since we've had some noobs to eat.
  13. falling-angel-111

    Hey everyone!

    yeah, welcome back! Try to stick around this time. -p
  14. falling-angel-111

    Two New Sigs

    They're great! I love the bottom one the most, though. She's really hot.
  15. falling-angel-111

    How have you changed?

    Actually how have your music interests changed? Do you change bands/artists with the stage you are in at the time? Does one of your favorite bands from a couple years ago sound horrible? I like just about anything you can throw at me, mostly though what ever I can sing with. About 3 years ago my favorite singer was Any Grant. X'D I don't have a favorite band/artist now, but I would say My Chemical Romance is somewhere at the top. But I love Clasic rock, like Fleetwood Mac. What I listen to changes daily, but mostly I look for songs that have a little meaning to them. Any one you Can't believe you actually listened to?
  16. falling-angel-111

    How have you changed?

    Damn, looks like I have a lot of searching to do... I don't remember asking what you thought, GRX! j/k
  17. falling-angel-111

    How have you changed?

    *huggles* thank you! Seriously am I the only one that gets hyper listening to the live version of kryptonite by three doors down?
  18. falling-angel-111

    How have you changed?

    lol, I had every one of Linkin Park's albums, probably still on the comp too. I heard about them through a friend, he wouldn't leave me alone till I listened to them. From there I just kept growing in what I liked. I hate country, but I don't mind rap/rnb much. For the last couple weeks my brother's been trying to get me to listen to Apocalyptica, but I wasn't too interested because metal isn't my fav. But once I listened to it I can't believe how beautiful and soothing it is! I just asumed it was metal because that's basically all he listens to. Strider, can you suggect me some J-rock and J-pop? I love it but I have a hard time finding anything good.
  19. falling-angel-111

    a place to download music

    Do you know of any? 'cause I've looked everywhere and can't find one. Don't ask me why, but my torrents aren't working no matter what I do. so, I'm looking for bands like Coheed And Cambria, Flyleaf, The Veronicas, Foo Fighters, Haley James Scott, Rihanna, Desole, Damones, Fielding, The Finale, Stunami Bomb, Natasha Bedingfield, Over It, ZOEgirl, Poe, and a lot more. I would just buy those songs from Itunes but my dad won't let me use his credit card. And it can't be music videos or I can't put it in Itunes. It's harder than it seems.
  20. falling-angel-111

    Eco footprint

  21. falling-angel-111

    a place to download music

    I'm downloading like crazy, it's so great!
  22. falling-angel-111

    a place to download music

    i'm installing limewire now, I think it'll work well. And thanks GG, the last thing I need is my family trying to kill me because I broke the computer.
  23. falling-angel-111

    Girl Bands

    The Pussycat Dolls, Flyleaf, Rhianna, Natasha Bedingfield. That's all I can think of right now, they're not all bands but great woman singers!
  24. falling-angel-111

    Encounters of the wild kind

    Well, my grandmas had a mountain lion come through her yard quite a few times, but she lives in the boonies so I don't think that really counts. <.< Other than that I haven't seen a whole lot of wild life in town.
  25. falling-angel-111

    I have found a Right-Wing punk band.

    That's pretty cool actually, I didn't even know these kind of bands existed.