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  1. Looks great, I like it!
  2. X'D awww I gotta see/hear that! So cute!
  3. X'D You just made my day brighter!!!
  4. very cute! (X'D you listen to the backstreet boys, Cabbit?)
  5. In my whole life, I think I've only ever bought one cd. (I torrent most of what I want, or get music from the library and rip it. Artists/bands must really hate me. >.< X'D ) I keep meaning to look up Cartel I think it was, but I always forget, maybe I'll go do that now....
  6. Welcome! *offtopic* Love the sig, Azrael. It's so pretty!
  7. That's pretty weird... I always wondered where peanuts came from...
  8. You should come here and film it, Vegas ain't so bad if it's just for a visit. I think Orlando Bloom is pretty hot too.
  9. Welcome! I think Cabbit is right, GRX would find a way around tht I'm sure. (Hey, since when was GRX the only one that ever eats the noobs, I thought everybody did? Maybe somebody should take over, he has been slacking a bit lately. )
  10. I can't believe I never knew you were such a good writer! That was so great!
  11. That's freaking awesome!!! It's so pretty! you did a great job!
  12. tsk, yeah I'm really the perv here. -p X'D When can I buy it! It'll be a best seller!
  13. LOL! Nothing better than getting a boner in the movie threater, right? I think we all agree that Johnny Depp is a god and Wolflord needs to make a movie, am I right? Of course I am!
  14. Well of course! Who needs Johnny Depp when I'd have a sexy man like you? I think the first time I saw the movie I was baby sitting, so anything would seem confusing. =/ We're kinda gettin' side tracked here, might want to stop with in 20 posts or so, uh? -p
  15. Are you fuckin' crazy?! That movie rocked, I think it was based on a stephen king book too? I watched it like a million times. Damn, put you and Johnny Depp in the same movie and I'll watch it 2 million times! X'D
  16. OMG those are awesome! It'd take me all day to draw that and it'd look like shit afterwards. Keep up the good work!
  17. I thought he was great in Secret window. But since you're a guy you're probably not blinded by his beauty. -p
  18. I did a google image search on Jessica Alba, and even though I'm a girl, she's even fucking hot to me! That's just not fair at all! Good for you GG, bet it was awesome! X'D
  19. lol, that's weird, just the other day I was wondering what happened to you. I swear, I really was! Anyways, welcome back!
  20. I started to watch it once, but I got distracted and didn't make it through the first ep. Guess I'll try again later, it looks pretty good.
  21. Well, if you want to consider her a singer... <.< Do you mean the old lindsay or the new one?
  22. I remember back when my Grandma had her shop in town, my cousin would come down and we'd all watch sailor moon together. I didn't know it was anime at the time, I was pretty young. I think once I moved to las vegas I got really into Zoids. I'd get up early every morning to watch it. I miss that show... After that it was inu-yasha and so on. That brings back a lot of old memories. ==
  23. Well, he's not really a singer but I would say the electric guiltar player in Fall Out Boy. Sorry I forgot his name, but you'll be able to tell who I'm talking about by looking at a video. I'd say the hottest actor is Johnny Depp. And since we're doing people now, I'd say my ex is totally hot. I think the singer from HIM is hot too though.
  24. I usually listen to music as much as possible. (about 10 - 11 hours a day) But I wasn't able to use my ipod for a long time, and I didn't have MTV either. So basically I was going a little crazy. But my ipod is working now, and music is my life again.
  25. Hi

    Hi welcome! We've been needing to feed GRX for a while.