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  1. omg, I love the third one! It's so awesome! They're all awesome! *is getting too excited* Very very very good work! *two thumbs up*
  2. X'D Sorry CG! I really don't care about that stuff, I just want his room.
  3. Moon Doggie, I think Torrey would know too, he is a guy after all. And who the hell ever said this guy was gay, for christ sake I hope he likes girls!
  4. *tackles you and ties you up in the closet* NO! he's mine, I've already claimed him! And you better back off too Torrey!
  5. I think you have a very good point Torrey. ^^ ...I'm still gonna marry him...
  6. omfg that was so funny! I swear I'll remember that joke forever!
  7. Enjoying a mixture of Fall Out Boy cds and Jason Mraz on full blast. Haven't listened to either in a while. Music is always soo much better when it's super loud, I know it's killing my hearing but right now I'm enjoying the hearing I have!
  8. That sounds so fun cabbit! I'm surprised they tried to keep you out of the mosh pits, just "because you're a girl" is a pretty lame excuse. I mean it can't be like you're the only girl, right? If so then that's just weird, if I were just a little more tough then I'd try it for sure. ^^ nice pics btw! Once again all the good bands go to phoenix and leave me out. I think it's because we'd really have nowhere for them to play in this state, atleast that's what I'm gonna say so I can blame the state for being about the old people and not about the music! It's sad...
  9. I still can't get over how awesome they are, and they're in their early teens for christ sake!
  10. X'D good thing I was only kidding, huh?... *stops looking for this guys real name and address* hehe *shifty eyes*
  11. *huggles back* No prob, I guess it probably wouldn't be fair to make a bunch of different acounts and vote for them, huh? ^^'
  12. X'D I feel so hurt but my offer stands for as long as you can deliver manga/anime. Think about it. I don't know, I guess that is a lot of time spent in your room. =/ But that's okay, once I steal his collection he'll have to get another job to buy it all back, (probably one outside of his room.) So, in the end I'm really helping him in more ways than he'll ever know. Aren't I so great? X'D
  13. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside when a band works hard to make it to the top, so I'll asume that Parental Advisory has worked hard and I'll vote.
  14. You saying I should be coming onto you instead? okay! As long as I get some manga after the sex.
  15. X'D X'D I'll just make him fall in love with me, have him make everything out to me in his will, then kill him. It's fool proof! X'D Mibu, I think coming from me it'll take more than a smile. (I can always get myself a padded bra and a sluty shirt though!) X'D I'm curious about where he lives though, if he lives in this state (which I doubt) I'd totally go visit him!
  16. If I was just a bit older I would so marry this guy for his room! And I'm not even joking, he's got more manga than I could ever dream of having!!!
  17. OMFG! I'd kill for some of the stuff in there, but man if I ever got that obsessed, I'd just have somebody shoot me.
  18. X'D hellcat, that's really funny! Well, I did always feel a little left out, but I think I'll be fine without seeing the inside of GRX's stomach.
  19. Welcome! Did they make a game out of that one? If so I don't remember playing it, I use to be a big fan of nancy drew. The comp games anyway. ^^'
  20. Hehe, I didn't.... Welcome to the insanity! You'll like it here.
  21. Okay, after the girl down the street sang "which backstreet boy's gay" this makes a lot more sense. ^^'
  22. Well, I've been able to get some manga from the library lately, but I can hardly ever finish anything they have. They either only have a couple volumes out of order or they just don't have the endings. So, I was wondering if you guys knew of any sites I could read manga online or download? Any site at all would be nice to know of, chances are I've read part of it. I've tried searching it but didn't come up with much.
  23. I'll probably just wait till it comes out to watch it, I'm more excited to get the movie album than see the actual movie. X'D My mom says the movie looks stupid, but I didn't think it looked too bad from the comercials. *shrug*
  24. She's asking you what anime charater you would most likely fall for if you were gay or lez or bi, right? ...Silly GRX.... I can't really think of anything, I mean I like people for their personalities and I'm not really into a girls personalities. So, just from looks I would say Chi would be somewhere on the top of the list. I can't really think of any other hot anime girls, though. >.<
  25. X'D It's sad that they kill so many whales for no reason. OFFTOPIC: I first read this as: Vincent Flakes Can Determine... X'D