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  1. You're so lucky, you should totally go! I'd kill to get outta with town for a while, you get to go to a different country even! It'd probably be really great.
  2. For the colder parts I had sniffles, but thankfully that's all. I hope you all feel better soon though, being sick really does suck. But like D Marx said, vitamins are your friends.
  3. There's like billions of loves songs, some sad, some happy, so I was wonder what your favs are? I'm not much of a fan of love songs, but I think they're kinda nice to listen to sometimes. I know it's not exactly a love song, but I really like it. Your Bore by Seether. And then an actual love song: Who's To Say by Vanessa Carlton. So what are your fav love/hate songs? Oh, and if you're married/in a relationship, do you have a song? I know people use to do that all the time, but I don't think they do it as much anymore.
  4. I hate it when people do that, they tell you/let you think one thing, when they mean a completely nother. Guys are so weird, they'll ignore you for a week and then come back saying they missed you, as if the whole world was keeping them from you. >.> Okay well enough of my little rant, I'm a little confused on your situcation, like Cabbit said, it's best to put it all out there, if you let it fester in your head it'll be something completely different from what they ment. And I think the best way to go is to be honest. "no biggy, I hardly noticed you were even ignoring me." wouldn't really be the best way to go, just tell him how you feel. And if you feel the need, tell him next time not to be a coward and just say what he means. >.> (Be very cautious of my advice, I'm mad and a lot of men right now, so it might not be the best. )
  5. Thank you so much!! It looks so awesome! I love all your work. *hugs*
  6. Are you planning on replacing it yourself? I think I've seen my dad replace a window a long time ago, kinda hard but cheaper than paying someone to do it for you. And you might be able to get one at a junk yard type thing, seeing as you're planning on selling it anyway, it'd save you a bit. I know we have pick a parts here, you should try that.
  7. Awww soo nice! Dating is so much more fun when you're older. ^^ I hope you have fun, and like everybody always says, be yourselfs.
  8. I'm glad you're okay, sounds tough. I know I'm looking forward to spring and summer, I have been since the first really cold night. ^^'
  9. Awww, that sucks! I hate it when cars decide to break at the worst times. Maybe you could take a train ticket, or if buses are still running, which I kinda doubt, maybe you could just take that and save a little for now.
  10. If you're truly not too busy, and it doesn't take away any of your nap time, can I have one too? ^^'
  11. X'D That's so funny!! You look soooo stoned! lol Anyway, sounds pretty sucky, I hope you can eat soon, soup can get pretty boring. I've only ever had to have one cavity filled, but other than that I haven't had any big dentist visits.
  12. That's great! You should try making dinners for your family sometimes, the more you do it, the better you'll get. I've been cooking things like spaghetti and mac n cheese since I like was 7 or 8, and yet I'm still a bad cook. haha So I hope it works out better for you. ^^'
  13. I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I do remember that it annoyed me to hell and back that Chihiro (I think) had the same voice actor from Lilo and Stitch. >> My siblings watch that all the time, so I wasn't thrilled.
  14. That's really cool, I could tottally picture a music video like that. Just put an ipod in one hand and have him dance around with the outline changing colors every other second or so. Very cool, do you experiment with a lot of your pictures?
  15. lol I love that game, I got to 922.
  16. Well hello there! Welcome to the craziest place on your computer.
  17. I've been starting to like rap and hiphop a lot more lately. So far I love a lot of stuff by Eminem, and my fav song at the moment would probably be... Smack that buy Akon feat. Eminem, or I Wanna Love You by Akon.
  18. OMG! I LOVE both the kindom hearts sigs, they're so pretty! And they all have great detail to make them look awesome! The 5th and 7th ones down are aweosme too, what animes/games are they from?
  19. Well, I'm really late, but welcome back.
  20. I've liked everything I've heard from them so far, I'm pretty sure they're coming to concert here too. I'm broke though. >>
  21. Welcome! Off Topic: The thread name reminded me of a teen walking out of a strip bar or something. X'D My mind is so screwed up...
  22. Welcome! Enjoy your stay at ac.
  23. Dude, if you have trouble with that question, maybe you need a little schooling from me! Waking up early + Bad food + Mean teachers that acually want you to learn something = School Cool people like myself + A humor thread + More awesome people = AC Must I say any more?
  24. hey

    Welcome! It looks like you won't be eaten, I think we need a new n00b eater. =/
  25. Welcome back. I think the obvious solution to your problem would be to quit school, I mean what's more important to you? Us here at ac, or school?