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    these two pictures are inspired by the shows breaking bad and weeds in that order



    these two pics r for my friend conor he's gay and a piece of shit

    the bottom one is perry the platypus from phineas and ferb


    this is a really shitty red robin i drew 4 my friend jen


    getting mixed race up in hereee


    a young shota


    concept art for a comic series about a kid who astroprojects and has to fight demons and shit hence the creepy black figure aka DEMON

    :huh:how art

  2. 11sh89t.jpg

    I drew Nail Bunny on the back of my Summer School notebook :glasses:

    For those who don't know, Nail Bunny is a character in JTHM. Nny bought him at a pet store, fed him once, and nailed him to the wall. Three years ago. C:

    I dunno why I decided to draw Nail Bunny instead of one of the doughboys, but I did and I like the way it came out.

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  3. I love "The Bleeding" and the new single they have out is called "Walk Away". That one is good too.

    P.S. Frog I LOVE your signature. BRUTAL!

    Ooh, I haven't heard "Walk Away" yet, I need to check it out. And thanks, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is awesome :3

  4. Once upon a triangle I was bored. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching Degrassi like most kids my age I decided to pick up a pen and express my creativity on the back of my homework sheets. Soon afterwords I discovered the joys of Paint SAI and began digitally drawing my shit.

    Of course I'm lazy so they're all sloppy and gross. I blame society.


    That one is me as Kururu from Sgt. Frog. How pimp am I?


    This tis' of me frolicking through the grass. I'm probably on my way to Wallmart or something.


    That one's my friend Melissa, having a picnic with ALL her friends.


    That's the secret shrine I have for Callan in the back of my closet >:3 :nosebleed:


    Thats Butter's from South Park... looking like a fag.


    Thats my friend Hannah being a retard. Her arms look like that irl im srly


    Darkness never shone so bright

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  5. XD

    [ame=]YouTube - Happy Tree Friends - Water Way To Go[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Happy Tree Friends - False Alarm (HD)[/ame]

    Theres more if you go to the owners profile. I laugh my ass of at these every fucking time. Brutal... LMAO.

    I've seen almost everyone C:

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