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  1. so yeah i drew some pictures?? let me know what you think!!
  2. these two pictures are inspired by the shows breaking bad and weeds in that order these two pics r for my friend conor he's gay and a piece of shit the bottom one is perry the platypus from phineas and ferb this is a really shitty red robin i drew 4 my friend jen getting mixed race up in hereee a young shota concept art for a comic series about a kid who astroprojects and has to fight demons and shit hence the creepy black figure aka DEMON :huh:how art
  3. this is my friend melissa. the lyrics are only there to troll her. my friend paije. Stan Marsh from the South Park episode "Spooky Fish." skdjaklda
  4. someoneee's been drawing again.
  5. this is what i'm wasting my life doing
  6. beast ass drawings. butnotreally.
  7. thanks C:
  8. I drew Nail Bunny on the back of my Summer School notebook For those who don't know, Nail Bunny is a character in JTHM. Nny bought him at a pet store, fed him once, and nailed him to the wall. Three years ago. C: I dunno why I decided to draw Nail Bunny instead of one of the doughboys, but I did and I like the way it came out.
  9. It is demented. But so is everything in JTHM
  10. I like the last one :DD
  11. [nomedia=]YouTube- Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom - Parry Gripp[/nomedia]

    Mom i want a hedgehog.

  12. Welcome (
  13. Once upon a triangle I was bored. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching Degrassi like most kids my age I decided to pick up a pen and express my creativity on the back of my homework sheets. Soon afterwords I discovered the joys of Paint SAI and began digitally drawing my shit. Of course I'm lazy so they're all sloppy and gross. I blame society. That one is me as Kururu from Sgt. Frog. How pimp am I? This tis' of me frolicking through the grass. I'm probably on my way to Wallmart or something. That one's my friend Melissa, having a picnic with ALL her friends. That's the secret shrine I have for Callan in the back of my closet >:3 Thats Butter's from South Park... looking like a fag. Thats my friend Hannah being a retard. Her arms look like that irl im srly Darkness never shone so bright
  14. Thanks ^^
  15. Ooh, I haven't heard "Walk Away" yet, I need to check it out. And thanks, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is awesome :3
  16. I like the song "The Bleeding" by them (
  17. That butterfly is not poison. It's made of her hopes and dreams 'D
  18. It was a sunny day, me paulie, a cat and my friend lemondrop who was also a cat were sitting on my owners couch, in his small apartment. He had adopted both of us. Are ally cat friends warned us that he was fatting us up to make cat soup. He also told us my owner, Chris hated cats. He told be his room is full of dead cats. He also told me he had i hate cats written on everything in his bedroom. The funny thing is that jered never lets us in his room. Well anyway, Lemondrop suggest we play with our toy ball. We hopped of the couch and walked into the kitchen were are ball was. Chris was comeing out of his room. I batted the ball and it flew into his room. He didn't notice, so he closed the door. He walked outside whistling a merry toon. Well Lemondrop said as Chris was clumping downstairs. We have to get that ball. WHAT! I cried. DONT YOU KNOW HOW UNSAFE THAT IS? I lowerd my voice and said, no cat who has ever gone in there has ever come out. Besides, how would we get in there? Easy said Lemondrop. She hopped on the counter and picked up a long peice of twine with her theeth. Follow me, she said. She stoped at Chris's doorway. I stood back and watched. She flung the twine at the door knob. It went around sevrel times, then stopped. She put the peice of twine that was left hanging in her mouth. Slowly she started to walk to the right. Soon the door swung open. Cmon she said. I went in with her. Well, the room was nothing like i had expected. It had white walls with only some posters on them. He had a simple tan bed in the middle of the room. He had a long dresser with a t.v. sitting on it in the corner. He had a shaggy tan carpet, and a small closet. Nothing had I hate cats written on it, in fact there was a poster for a brodway show called Cat on his wall.Lets go said Lemondrop, retriveing the ball from under the bed. As soon as we were out Lemondrop pushed the door shut. Then She pulled hard on the string that was dangiling. It unraveled, and she placed it back on the counter. Just as we were about to start the game of ball, Chris opened the door. I have a treat for you, he said. He put down the treat. It was a new ball! I looked up at him and smiled. Lemondrop rubbed againts his leg and purred. I suddenly knew the storys about him were not true. The End what do you think? Yes, i'll admit this is my 3d time editing this. I have to work on on my spelling. From now on I will do what my teacher tells me while writing: Capitalize, Puncuation, and something about spelling * me cant spell *
  19. I'd like to shoot her from an airplane. That would be fun.
  20. [ame=]YouTube - Happy Tree Friends - Water Way To Go[/ame] [ame=]YouTube - Happy Tree Friends - False Alarm (HD)[/ame] Theres more if you go to the owners profile. I laugh my ass of at these every fucking time. Brutal... LMAO. I've seen almost everyone C:
  21. LOLFAIL I feel bad for him.
  22. Lmao
  23. "Until the day he dies" "Well, we can only hope that thats soon."
  24. Some coloring jobs I did. The line art isn't mine, the coloring is. -- Let me know whatcha think