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  1. You better post it when it's finished. You have me curious now.
  2. I've only got up to episode 23. The download site went down and I'm waiting for it to come back on.
  3. I agree with Sabe. Great job! Our garden is a mess atm.
  4. You better post pics as Sabe said! I want to see as well.
  5. 1. Sesshomaru!!!!!!!!! 2. Inuyasha 3. Shippo I haven't seen much of it as it's not all out here.
  6. I uploaded the trailer. http://www.freewebs.com/wolfos3d/azumanga_daioh_trailer_high.mov
  7. Date- Sesshomaru Hero- Inu Yasha Villan- Sesshomaru If you want to see some more quiz results.. http://www.livejournal.com/users/wolfos3d/
  8. It's coming out here next month!! I've seen a bit of it.
  9. Sesshomaru!! My computer is littered with him. I even named a drive after him.
  10. I found one in Sydney. Looks like I'm going on a holiday this year!
  11. I don't think they hold them here. If I here about one here I'm going to it!
  12. You might have! Hope not though.
  13. 1) Gundam Wing 2) Inu Yasha 3) Full Metal Alchemist Not that much good Anime out here at the moment. Next I'm getting Seed and the next 3 Inu Yasha dvd's.
  14. Good luck on your garden! Make sure you let us in on the finished result.
  15. GW: Zechs, Heero, Duo. YYHAK: Kurama, Hiei. Thats all I can think of at the moment. And Sesshomaru!!! I finaly saw him
  16. I only have this hard drive full of anime, a bunch of anime trailers, music and a box set of Gundam Wing. Next one to come is Full Metal Alchamist. Then Gundam Seed.