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  1. Thanks Godgrave!
  2. Thanks everyone! Oh, it's already been broughted!!!!
  3. Thankies!
  4. You better not have forgotten me.
  5. Great job HC! I like both of them... sorry I'm not much help for your choosing.
  6. I'm yet to see the english version. I was short on money the week it came out here and missed out on the collectors tin. I can't even find a copy of the two disc edition.
  7. I wrestled my stuffed bunny because I like to spoon.
  8. lol. Nice! I don't think I could dance in front of a camera.
  9. Wow!! Great poem HC. Best one I've read in a while.
  10. If I could vote I'd say Vincent.
  11. Same for me Lady!
  12. I can't wait till it comes out here! It comes out on the 28th of October.
  13. Great job! It looks uber cool!
  14. Heres a few:
  15. Can't believe I didn't see this thread till now. Just a few pics.. I'm too tired to go bishi searching with my computer as jumbled as it is..
  16. It really doesn't bother me unless one of the characters has a really anoying voice in one of them.
  17. Cool.... I had heard of some of them before. The exploding grape was tempting but I know we don't have any.
  18. Sesshomaru!!
  19. I'm glad our first D&D group broke up. Our DM was a psycopath. He nearly stabbed one of the players because he wouldn't stop singing elmo's world.
  20. Nice Sabe! I'm using it right now.
  21. Nice job!!! Can you put me in the next one? Please?
  22. Wow... I wonder if that will happen to any of mine.
  23. Yeah, I might as well. It won't hurt to.
  24. I tried to write a horror story. It's now in the junk heap with the rest of my stories...
  25. *transports to Sabe's place and knocks on door*