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  1. Hiei! Also Ed from FMA. I'M NOT SHORT!!!! ^.^
  2. I would say... Future! Because there is usually more tragedy in those kind of Anime Shows! Wolf's Rain is a wonderful example. Kiddy Grade too! Oh and there is also Trigun! *got distracted* Yes! Anyways...
  3. Naraku (IY), Ryoko , Hiei (YYH), and Darsha (WR) I don't think Sesshomaru is really a "Villan" This is because he doesn't go out and kill random people for him self. But he isn't good either. He will kill anyone who gets in his way. Other then that he just wonders around the Fudal era! (you gotta love him)
  4. 1. Yu Yu hakusho (A lot of action) 2. Gundam SEED (it's best if you buy it. CN cuts off a lot) 3. Fruits Basket (WONDERFUl animation! Hot guys! *drowls* Kyou... 4. Trigun (just plain awsome, lots of twists and turns... and guns) 5. Kiddy Grade (Good animation, great plot and characters! Lots of Action!) 6. Inuyasha (Very cute! Lots of action, romance, comedy! Good Animation) 7. Gravitation (Very cute! If you don't mind gay couples!) 8. Infinite Ryvius (Not a fan of the animation but very funny!) 9. Wolf's Rain (Wolves, blood, action adventure, good picture... enough said) 10. Tenchi Muyo (Romance! But there are lots of laughs and action too!) 11. Full Metal Alchemist (Great plot! Great animation and characters! ) Yes I had to add one more!
  5. Wolfwood! He is so awsome. I like Vash too, just not as much!
  6. I love Kirara! I love the episode where Kagome gets sick! So Inuyasha goes to get "fresh stuff" to make a potion to help Kagomes cold. Kirara is so cute when she paws the fish a !