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  1. Tallgeese3

    The end of anime fan site?

    I know we all grew up I first started going on fansites on 98 but its like the younger generations never picked up were we left off.
  2. Tallgeese3

    The end of anime fan site?

    What happened to the massive online community thier used to be? I remember the days when new sites, forums, topsites, networks, magazines would be started daily. Social media, hosting prices, wikipedia, lack of interest?
  3. Tallgeese3

    I'm 22 and what is this

    Checking in on old anime sites and forums I used to visit back in the day and ac outlived em all. What ever happened to gundam forum , anime post, gundam tsunami forums or anime forums ??? I dunno if u remember me sledge back in the old spaceports free ubb days lol