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  1. I think I have that game....*looks at game shelf*....yup, there it is *points*...I never really got into playing it though. Is it really so good that I should consider putting it on my computer and playing it all night and ignoring my homework?:happy:

  2. Well it's nice to be back. It's been an insane and crazy few months. Not only was I at school full time taking such fun courses as Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Business Leadership, Operations Management, and Statistics...but I was also working a lot. August my dad passed away, in September my boss passed away, and in October one of my mom's really good friends (who I really liked) passed away. :(

  3. This has to be one of my favorite movies and books. I know it's from 1983 and that's probably just showing my age but whatever. Awesome movie! And the guys in it...Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Ralph Macchio, and even Tom Cruise (even though I don't really like him). If anyone ever sees it at the movie store, rent it!:happy:

  4. I, yes I am. ^_^ It seems like it's been ages since I was last here and well, it was. How's everyone doing? I'm almost done classes for the semester so I'm happy about that. I can't wait for the summer!!! I'll try to be around a bit more. *hands out candies* :happy:

  5. You're late. But all is forgiven. *gives forgiving hug*

    *gets hugged* ^_^

    What can I say...I've been insanely busy with school and work and now final exams. Better late than never though.