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  1. It finally came out here a couple of weeks ago so of course I bought it the very next day. Awesome movie!!! Now I want the 4th one to come out.
  2. I am starting another story (yes another one...this is only #4 on the go now). I have a new character that I'm developing. Her name is Angel and she is actually the reincarnation of a very powerful priestess (it's all about Inu Yasha, again). I need a cool priestess name though. Any ideas?
  3. Anybody? Even the second question?
  4. Well I've come up with a name now....but another question. Does anyone know the name of the village that Inu Yasha was born in? I think it's his mom's village. And also, the dog demons are called Youkai or something, right?
  5. I seem to do a lot of writing while I'm at work. I think of the ideas as I am walking and daydreaming then I write them down.
  6. If she is a half cat demon, maybe she could use her claws...
  7. Well the names Jessica and Travis just don't seem to "work" in an anime if you ask need some more colorful names, if you will.
  8. Ok well I came up with a couple of ideas for names so thank you guys so much. When I'm actually done the story, I'll post it (or a link to it). I think someone told me last time that breaking it up like I usually do wasn't a good idea (or something).
  9. I have a new fav though I don't have a pic to post....Bankotsu from Inu Yasha. But then there's Sesshomaru, Naraku, Vegeta, Raditz, Kenshin, and I'm sure more...I just need to watch more anime. ps...why is my name is your siggy Dubrid? (not that I mind)
  10. You wanna bet?
  11. Well I am not thinking of making it hugely longer. I want to keep it as a short story. I just started rereading it today and man! I have to change some of the wording in it! So lame!!!
  12. One of the stories that I am working on is actually a short story that I wrote quite a few years ago when I was still at school.
  13. I'm sure they will all be posted here at some point for you all to read and enjoy or critisize or what have you.
  14. No worries. I have never written horror. The fight scene in my fanfic on the site here is the first one I've ever written. I don't know that it's all that good but oh well. You're probably right. I might have to give it a go when I'm done the 3 stories I'm working on right now.
  15. *teleports to Sabe's place and hands him a cookie of eternal life and then smacks wolfos3d* I don't think I could ever write a horror story.
  16. *can't wait*
  17. *raises hand* from one writer to another.....I wouldn't mind reading what you have written.
  18. You guys can always read my fanfic...I think it's still on this board. And I am working on another few stories.
  19. Oooo that might work...I was going to try sending Tasha away so that she can train or something before she comes to Earth to find Vegeta but I don't know how Frieza would ever let her....
  20. Thanx. I have done that. I've got the first little bit written but I feel there should be something...more. I can't just write "and ten years went by..." ya know? Would it help it I finished writing what I have and posting it maybe?
  21. Mystery Date - Kouga *yum* Hero - Kagome Villian - Yura
  22. there any other?
  23. I got the Goddess Ceres...Aya Mikage.
  24. I am sorry but this new series stinks. A female Starbuck? That's just wrong! It is horrid and I really tried to watch it...for like a full 45 mins! The original forever and always will be the best.
  25. Let me see...for me it would have to be.... Animes - Sesshomaru *drools*, Koga, Naraku, Inu Yasha (Inu Yasha), Kaiba (Yu Gi Oh), Vegeta, Tien, Yamcha, Radditz, Zarbon (DBZ), etc etc... Video games - Jin Kazama, Hworrang (Tekken Tag Team Tournament)