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  1. yeah eBay is pretty cool, my mom checks it out everyday.
  2. she is the type who would wait pattiently
  3. my order; 1) inuyasha 2) sessoumaru 3)koga 4) miroku
  4. oh sorry, i dont know you she is.
  5. that's true. every body has to eat (even though we dont know what sesshumaru eats) but yeah
  6. just in case no one has seen it.
  7. yeah i though it would be good but it's very hard to follow and it's really gross
  8. I dont know who she is or what show she's from
  9. not alot of people are.
  10. we got the message quite some time ago you know.
  11. he was kind of creepy though. that and it was very confusing at first wether or not he was older or younger.
  12. i got some more anime i dont think i understood the topic last time (hehe) but now i do. Manga; pita-ten (volumes 1-6) diablo (only three in the series but i only have one) comic party inuyasha anime dvds; Grave of the fireflys inuyasha (eps. 64-66) Rerouni Kenshin (a shinobi's love) rerouni kenshin (end song) outlaw star (three disc.s) Escaflowne (haven't watched yet) Nightwalker Fruits basket yu yu hakusho (eps 91-94)
  13. That show is pretty good. but i've only seen a couple of episodes.
  14. still dont know who she is
  15. what do you mean "tash"?
  16. yeah me too. i haven't seen it in about 7 weeks
  17. i haven't seen inuyasha in a while, like seven weeks to be exact. i'm just going to get the dvds later on.
  18. oh...ok then. that makes sence.
  19. well dont get me wrong but she reminds me of the snooty type. "oh inuyasha's protecting me so he can die and i wont" though i doubt she would say that but that's what i think
  20. OK so just because a lot of people dont like kikyou or kagome you're just gonna stop with this topic?
  21. like an older sister kind of hm thats sweet
  22. fine
  23. that is why i mostly dont like her. she acts as though she shouldn't worry about getting hurt because so many people like that they'll risk their lives to protect hers so she wont have to worry. she acts like the snoody popular sluts at my school. but the reason why i say sango is because she reminds me of me. she gets mad when ever miroku flirts with someone and jelous when another girl is getting all the attention.
  24. sango and miroku