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  1. Thanks to Silicon Knights and Twin Snakes, Snake belongs as much to Nintendo as to Sony.
  2. Wow, this is old. I wonder if you're still even curious about this... Anyway, I don't think it's "in poor taste." If you're including a large chunk of text in another language, it's probably going to appear daunting and off-putting for casual readers who don't speak both languages. Typically, a few words or a line in a different language is fine, so long as it isn't totally arbitrary (which would make it seem pretentious.) You could always included the dreaded footnote, though, if you're really worried it won't make sense...dun-dun-duuun.
  3. I think in the gaming community, especially after SoAL came out for the Gamecube, it gained a lot of popularity. So it finally got what it deserved after many years. I think Star Ocean: The Second Story deserves more love. It's one of the most beautiful games on the PSX, musically and graphically. The story is huge and engrossing, and you can get it from two different viewpoints--plus, having to choose which characters join you (for real, unlike most games where if you say "No" they still join anyway) and all the item creation and relationship alterations give you an overwhelming number of options and things to do. And it's an action RPG to top it off--what more could you ask for?
  4. That sorta just sounds like Kill Bill. Maybe they'll just advertise their own movies throughout. X'D I saw Hostel over the summer and did think it was pretty excessively gorey. I love those sadistic-serial-killer type movies, like Saw and Se7en, but Hostel just seemed like gore for the sake of gore--there wasn't any sort of attempt at plot or character development, even however little is offered in the other films. And even though I'm plenty used to those extreme scenes, I felt pretty nauseous by the end of it.
  5. They're using B-movies as their inspiration, so of course the films look ridiculous. That's the point. The movie itself is in essence its own MST3K. It's like those terrible Scary Movie and Epic Movie-type spoofs--except these directors know what they're doing and have the potential to actually make something worth watching. I think it looks fantastic.
  6. I've considered it to be Final Fantasy VII for a long time, though logically, since the Super Nintendo is my be-all, end-all favorite system, and Secret of Mana is my favorite SNES game, it should be Secret of Mana.
  7. I'd say Harvest Moon DS has the most amount of annoying flaws / glitches. Besides tons of random freezing glitches, there are bugs that can cause you to have billions of dollars randomly, which makes the game pointless--and no matter how much you spend the money just comes right back. Also, in the US version you can't marry the Harvest Goddess or the Witch because of glitches that weren't in the Japanese version. You just never know what new annoying problem is going to pop up while playing, which is sad because it's great fun otherwise.
  8. Hope is Emo: a parody of emo kids with webcams. Some parts aren't as funny, but occasionally there's some gold here. There are I don't know how many chapters of this on Youtube, at least eight or so. I like chapter two the best so far:
  9. Seven? I can picture a three or four year old tearing up someone else's book and coloring on it, but a seven year old should more than know better. That's first grade age, and you can't just go into school and tear up the books there. Either that girl has a serious attitude problem, or she's just plain slow.
  10. I got The Prestige for Christmas and have been reading it enthusiastically. The movie really changed a lot of things in its adaptation.
  11. Have any states passed laws like this yet? I know certain stores won't sell M and up games to kids without a parent present, but that's just the store's personal choice, right?
  12. Where are these 'presents' you speak of?
  13. The controller is lighter because of the lack of rrruuuuuuumble.
  14. Oh em gee, blast from the past.
  15. Ahh, Carmielicious. Welcome back. =)
  16. I posted Driftwood lyrics awhile ago. =) They're about 50/50 for me. Half of their songs I absolutely adore and listen to for days straight, and the other half I don't even bother with. But the songs I do like are impressive enough that I can say they're worth listening to, for sure.
  17. If you want Ultimecia's Castle to be super-easy, work on your junctions, fight Ultima Weapon, and get Eden. He does a ridiculous amount of damage to everyone--at times over 100,000, IIRC. Plus, you can draw all the Ultima magic you'll need from Ultima Weapon. Very useful. And be sure to fight the Tri-Face fixed encounters in the deep sea center (they disappear after you defeat Ultima, so do them before) to collect plenty of curse spikes. Curse spikes --> dark matter --> shaman stone --> rosetta stone = win.
  18. I would bet anyone my entire game collection, systems and all, that there will not be a remake and everyone's just jumping to pipe dream conclusions.
  19. You probably wouldn't like many of their other songs, either, then. They have a habit of repeating quite a bit throughout their songs. They're not the best lyricists to ever live, but the songs are catchy and fun. I like them quite a bit. Especially There's a Reason these Tables are Numbered, Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of it Yet.
  20. I've tried almost every agent out there, and my favorite is definitely SoulSeek. It's easy, fast, and you can find almost anything on it, no matter how obscure.
  21. My friend told me about this site / thing last night, and I've been kinda hooked since. It's, and it's a music generator in which you tell it what song or artist you like, and after playing something by that artist, it will find other music you might like based on similarity. For instance, I put in The Postal Service, and it logically gave me a Flaming Lips song not long after. Even better, you can tell it if you like or don't like the song it picked, so it can begin to define your tastes and get even closer to just what you enjoy--so hopefully eventually it'll be introducing you to all-new music and artists that you'll end up loving. It tells you what the songs you like include, (it'll say, "Finding songs with major tonality, mild vocal chords..." etc). It's really interesting. I recommend anyone who likes finding new artists to check it out.
  22. Everything everyone else said is just as likely--my motherboard replacement came after they checked all the previously mentioned problems, and tried all the previously mentioned fixes. So hopefully it's a less serious problem for you. =)
  23. I had that happen to me a lot this past semester. It was terrible. There was no way to prevent it. I have a Dell with Windows XP, and eventually, they came out and replaced the motherboard and it hasn't done it since. I assume it was a wire that had come loose somehow or something. Of course, something else might be causing your trouble, but it sounds awfully familiar.
  24. Agreed. I'd enjoy an VIII movie, but IX didn't even deserve a game.
  25. So the English version doesn't have listening to the original Japanese voices as an option, right? Because that would be perfect.