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  1. Since Edward Norton is the most talented actor working these days, Hulk fans should be happy to have him. I'm sure he'll bring to Bruce Banner what he brings to all of his characters: honesty, depth, and strength. And as he truly loves The Hulk, I'm sure it will be all the more accurate and sincere.
  2. Although the color screen was an actual "new and exciting idea!", the nonexistent battery life quickly turned the GameGear into the smallest home console on the market, since you had to sit at an electrical outlet to play. Sega lost the portable market's trust after that.
  3. Some of those examples worry me not about abbreviations, but medical staff. Even if a note clearly said a diabetic patient should receive 61 units of insulin, or Acyclovir TID, the person fulfilling that request should realize the amount seems excessive and double check with the doctor caring for that patient. If on someone's chart it said "Slap in face QH," I would hope the nurse, technician, or whoever would double-check the order before blindly following it.
  4. Actively lurking, Mr. Kit, but willing to peek out for a nickname I hadn't heard in a long time.
  5. All the Hard Gay videos are subtitled in English somewhere...what he's saying is even better.
  6. WoW. I've watched far too many people throw away any semblance of a social life because they had to "get home for a raid" on a Saturday night. I don't like games with time constraints like that--that's why it was so hard to keep up with Animal Crossing, I want to be able to play when I want to play.
  7. I agree with Strider. Additionally, Sega's already sold off their big-name trademark(s) to games on other systems. Plus, the Virtual Console is the place for their retro games now: Sega itself is just a name in the background.
  8. *signs Rob up for Wal-Mart newsletter for life on Facebook* I have Facebook because if you were in college when it first became big, not being on it was the most devastating social decision you could make. MySpace is too full of emo webcam-whores that think they have good taste in music because they listen to not-yet-popular bands, so I avoid it entirely.
  9. Oh my God. X'D (I care about them because they carry Chibi-Robo. )
  10. Not just hardware compatibility, Sony's not even releasing the sort of software updates Microsoft decided to go with--no PS2 on the PS3 whatsoever. The current systems with the PS2 hardware which received the price drop have sold like crazy and are nearly impossible to find. We just netted one on Ebay for $300, barely. (Though I still hate the PS3 and argued against it vehemently.) Sony doesn't seem to give a damn about their fans anymore, why give a damn about Sony?
  11. That's a bit overly confident, considering a lot of the previous score-holders have been off and not playing for awhile now.
  12. You hate liberals and don't think people should make fun of the government, yet you watch the Colbert Report? Again, I must say "?"
  13. We are sad people. "Wanna go out for a drink after work?" "No, I have to go win back the Blasterman title, dammit!" X'D
  14. Hmm. I guess I just feel like as long as the scores aren't maxed out, the higher high scores keep it competitive and challenging. Plus, it's more rewarding to know you've unseated the real high score as opposed to just getting your name up there because the other scores were purposely lowered. *shrug* I work so much these days that I only get to come on about once a week, so it's just disappointing that any of the scores I worked for will be gone the next time I get online, simply in the name of 'fairness'. I understand the problem, I just wonder if there isn't a better solution.
  15. Why are the games showing two separate high scores now? Like, the top score in the box and then the top score on the list can be the same person, but different scores. I think that messes up the top score for that person whenever they're beat--they lose their boxed score completely. Example--I had 8,000 or 9,000 something in Blasterman listed in the top box with the avatar, GG beat that (good job ), so now my highscore listed is 6,000 whatever, actually my 2nd best score--instead of the 8,000+ one. Does that make sense? It's like that on all the games, though.
  16. That's what happens every time. You can kill him with the holy grail-type weapon, but it doesn't change anything except that he disappears. Hmm. And a lot of times scores won't be submitted--an error message will pop up, especially after playing a game for long enough, that the score wasn't submitted and won't be counted. I just got 36,000 something on Tetris and got the error message, so my score still says 14,000 whatever. Sort of frustrating if you've put a lot of effort into getting a high score on a game. =\
  17. Is there another Castlevania that isn't glitched when you get to the first boss? Even if you kill him, he just vanishes and you're trapped on that screen, no way to leave or to die.
  18. Most of what Mathias said is good advice. The six small meals a day thing is true. When your stomach is empty your metabolism slows drastically so that you're not burning any calories. Keeping something in your stomach keeps you digesting, thus burning calories. And of course, exercise adds muscle, and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. Those are proven methods that work. I've also heard ideas, and noticed it myself personally, that if you eat the same thing everyday you burn it off faster. It might be boring for most people, but someone I know eats the same lunch every single day and he's absolutely tiny.
  19. Yay, Burger Time.
  20. I used to post on a forum that had an arcade with Burger Time...that's a fun classic.
  21. I wouldn't be surprised, just because Square seems to be only interested in milking past franchises these days. The FFIV remake, even after two separate ports, is ridiculous evidence of that, along with the half dozen FFVII spin-offs, sequels and prequels they have out or in production. Instead of remaking games that are still wonderfully fun to play and available to pretty much everyone, why don't they remake something like Radical Dreamers?
  22. That seems like a lot of FFIX characters, unless they're going to have a huge cast. =\
  23. GameFAQs. They even have a "Rafa Guide," whatever that entails.
  24. (I'm so honored to be mentioned as a potential positive influence, that I just had to get my thoughts out. ) First off--this is for your eighth grade assignment? I'm shocked--this is well beyond what one would expect from someone your age. I can't wait to see what you're putting out in a few years, I'm sure it will be very impressive. Now for the poem itself--I've always loved the idea of using art and artists as inspirations for poetry. The two just complement each other extremely well. It's nice that you're not just describing the painting but have sort of made a narrative out of it by using the first person "I" at the end. It might be fun to explore the narrative even further, have more specific details--like what is the name of the village? (Something Dutch, I'd assume?) Why has the "I" passed this village on this night? Why is the sky so surreal, is something happening at that exact moment? The more specific you can get, the more enraptured your audience. And sometimes it's just fun to play with. You also have some really great slant rhymes in here that are so subtle they're almost enjambed..."dreams" and "seized," "eyes" and "light," "gone" and "begun" (if you change 'began' to 'begun,' which I think is what it should be.) I love that you didn't fall into the trap of a set rhyme scheme that ends up sounding forced or limmerick-y. This has a nice sound and flow. Maybe just be careful about line length--they don't all have to be uniform, but having one really long line like "The surreal night brings back recollections of nights long past" sort of breaks up the poem and makes it awkward when reading that specific area. That can easily be fixed by using shorter words, like instead of 'recollections' something like 'images' or 'thoughts'. I don't want to go on too long. But very nice. I'm sure your class will enjoy it as well.
  25. These are pretty bad, but hysterical. "Knock, knock" and "Keyboard kid" off Youtube. Two of my new favorites. If you don't have a slightly warped / morbid sense of humor, I'd recommend avoiding them.