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  1. Simple question - why didn't we see a force ghost in action in the original OR the prequel trilogies? Yoda, Palpatine, Ben or Doku or Windu could've done it during the Clone Wars or other places. I don't buy the weak argument that "Oh it takes a toll on ones body and they die from using it". 

  2. The movie tried to be funny and I'll admit I liked Flash's treatment cos it reminded me of the new Spiderman treatment but outside of that, all the other jokes fell flat. They tried to make it a Marvel like movie but it failed. It's one of the rarest times I wish Snyder completed it instead of Whedon. 

  3. The original is a classic and will always be a movie that some people might say takes the number 1 spot, leaving 2001 A Space Odyssey on number 2. I'm not one of those people but I will say the original is in my top 5 of sci fi films of all time. I watched the sequel, which we didn't need but now that we have it, and it was at par with what I expected from the movie. Denis is great and this is a weak film for him, I know they'll give him Dune after this but it's commercial failure might not give is a quick green light but it'll be Denis who bags the Dune remake. Denis simplified the story a bit for my tastes but what I liked about him was he didn't specifically answer the question about Deckard and he didn't over explain a lot. The visuals and soundtrack were at par with the original and it felt like a continued universe, not like the Star Wars prequels vs the original trilogy where tech looks like a massive improvement in the former's case. All in all, I enjoyed the heck out of this one and it'll be a movie I own. 

  4. It's confusing why HBO would shorten the season that just passed and instead would rush into a lot of plot and put heavier anchors into plot holes. There were episodes where the passage of time felt non-existent. With Tywin no more, Jaime, Varys and Tyrion are all thats left of my interest in characters on the show. 

  5. I liked the fact that I didn't have to remember more than 6 things on the remote control to be able to play the game. With PS games, it gets pretty complicated because the game mechanics gives you room for so many options with L or R or this or that combos. To me, more options is more frustration. I can't focus on the game without putting all my attention to what buttons I'm pressing. I liked the days where there were 4 buttons on a remote and that's it. 

    I like the flow of the game, some parts were a challenge for sure. Haven't finished playing it at all ... 

  6. Depends. Social media + chat platforms are where most people talk these days. Forums too. Forums aren't dead. A wider community thrives on forums. But for a close knit place of 10 and under, a Facebook or chat platform seems to work better, however it's totally up to the users too. 

  7. Batfleck did okay. Snyder doesn't seem to like superheroes and it's ironic he's making superhero movies. His version of Superman sucks. And this is a very Batman movie although it's supposed to be a sort of sequel to Man of Steel. With Snyder on board, you know for sure the plot or characters WILL suck. With Man of Steel I only liked it for the visuals and the sonic fight sequences, so with that mindset, I went in to watch BvS and the movie sucked, real hard. A few 3/4 mins of that sonic action but uninspired. 

  8. I don't watch anime anymore because I don't have the time for it. Think the last thing I saw was One Punch Man which was fun. Anyway, I saw episode 1 of this show because I read about it being gruesome, etc. and it seems decent. Production values are high which translates to good visuals or soundtrack and you see that in just the first episode. Hopefully the story holds up. Haven't read the manga obviously. 

  9. I thought it was decent. Didn't feel that 'WOW' factor seeing it. Highlight of the movie for me was seeing Rama and Mad Dog for a quick second. The rest was 'ehh'. The sloppy lets not make anything that's actually original writing actually makes me respect Lucas in a very very small way about how he tried to show (and failed) something original in the prequel trilogy - all the political stuff, etc. - it would've been easy for him to slap another similar looking trilogy, story-pattern-wise. 

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