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  1. 2 episodes in season 4 at the moment, I didn't see the end of last night's episode coming. Wanna discuss? Anyone? Sledge, I know you were skeptical about checking the series out but you like Vikings and it's hard for me to imagine you NOT liking this. There's nudity here and there but it's not at the forefront of what the story's about. It's incredibly political, decently gruesome and rich in cinematography or production values. Vikings is a second younger brother to Game of Thrones in that context. DX, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the series up to this point?
  2. The Raid was straight up good and Dredd's plot architecture definitely reminds everyone of The Raid, if they'd seen it. The Raid 2 is damn good, watched it 2 weeks ago when it came out in theaters. It ain't for the skirmish. The Raid 2 is longer, has more of a plot in comparison and the fight scenes are just as impressive as the first movie, however the first one is grittier and I'd say still a bit better if you consider the choice of weapons used.
  3. http://variety.com/2014/film/news/battlestar-galactica-movie-gets-new-life-at-universal-exclusive-1201153687/
  4. Definitely yeah ... it's going to be hard to give the kind of time you have the luxury of having to develop scenarios/ characters that you'd get from a TV series as opposed to a movie. Look at the current Star Trek reboot comparing it to the original series. The other side of this is that just like the TV series was a re-imagining of the old original series, this movie could very well be that or who knows, maybe it takes off after Blood & Chrome? Blood & Chrome by itself is a pretty good series if you ask me. So definitely it'll be tricky but who knows? I'm a bit optimistic because I'm a fan and I owe it to the series by being optimistic and going open minded. The people involved so far are not nobody's, so that's another plus.
  5. Or a random deer/ big animal in the vicinity that was killed.
  6. I'd want to see Bay make a Bakugan Battle Brawlers or Star Trek or Star Wars movie, maybe Star Wars IX because that's all the more important being the 3rd film of a trilogy.
  7. Temple Run 2 > Temple Run. There is an option where you can buy some gems for this and that but you don't have to in order to increase your levels. You can repeat a few conquests to gain more cards and use those cards to upgrade your current card levels. That's what I'm doing right now cos for instance, my deck's health is at 81K and attack is at 30K but the boss's health is at 90K and attack is at 46K. So I either get my stats to match that or go beyond. The kind of cards these bosses have are challenging, so picking the right deck or order is important. You can be of a lower stat but if you place the deck smart you can still win. I made the mistake of starting with a weak set of players and I've been upgrading the stats of those weak players since.
  8. Good final episode but the end felt pretty lame. The way I saw it was this really good build up with intense moments and a hearty flashback sequence. Then you had tense moments of the four being led on and running from gun shots, surrounded and told to go in that cargo car thingie. Up until this point it was good. Then, it all went limp. As far as I'm concerned you can't really tell they're cannibals UNLESS you've read spoilers. You cannot assume chops on a grill look like human chops because we don't know what human chops look like, do we? For that split of a second, there's no way of telling for sure is what I mean. Seeing that pile of bodies - again, doesn't hint at cannibalism. To me they seemed like any hostile party of people. Maybe they leave their dead on display like that as a reminder to new people? But I don't see a straight connection to cannibalism. The only way I knew was after reading about it on here. Still feel like they slowed the pace down a lot the first few episodes like those amazing moments of chocolate pudding eating on the roof. Wish there was just about another episode's worth of time left. Good run of final episodes. Rick - Where's Beth? Daryle - Gone. Rick *no reaction* ... you're a brother to me! It was 3 AM last night and I scratched my head at that.
  9. Currently playing and enjoying Heroes Camelot. It's sort of like a card game I think ... not sure cos I don't know game genres in general. I just hit a roadblock and will have to figure out a way to upgrade my stuff to battle some boss to go further. I see people on the game with so many interesting cards, it looks like they may have 'bought' them. I ain't spending a dime!
  10. I only said I wasn't PG-13 RoboCop on the contrary was not dismal, as a lot hoped and predicted it would be. Overall, a decent effort. Not as good as the new Dredd and not as bad as it was made out to be. Agreed and anyone else being Harrison Ford I'd say is a bad idea. That series is done and should be put to rest. The Amazing Spiderman was a decent outing, not absolutely fantastic but decent enough to make me curious to watch the shitty CG this-looks-like-a-video-game movie trailer. On the first outing, the action was fun and believable. The cast was a problem for me. The new one thankfully is directed by the same director, so who knows, hopefully it won't suck as much as it looks it would (remember Thor 2?). Either way, it's a franchise that was rebooted too soon, much like Transformers 4 or -1 or whatever it is that it's trying to be. Definitely, Godzilla 2014 lacks Roland's magic wand ... for the best. I know what you mean though, about earlier sequels. Too early to tell and the trailer looks serious business.
  11. Not surprised or shocked by this piece of shit trailer. This sort of thing appeals to today's generation? So be it. It's the same thing I've said before about bad movies making tons of money versus movies with substance these days. Expect sequels to this, like other pathetic movies - Transformers or Resident Evil or The Hangover or Twilight or Taken or 300, etc.
  12. Cool beans Strider, I'll check it out mid-April when I get some free time on my hands.
  13. This latest trend of 'Let's kill a character we find annoying or don't like' is pretty stupid imho. If it weren't for characters like that, why would you watch the show? Would you be interested in a story without a bad guy that gets you to feel some emotion towards the character or help you root for the good guy? Lets kill Rollo because he betrayed his brother and this and that, what an ass! Lets kill Ragnar because he can't be loyal to his faithful loving woman and is being annoying with his playboy ways. Imagine how lame Game Of Thrones would be without the Lannisters, Tywin, Tyrion or Joffrey or Jaime. How about we watch a TV show about a happy farming family with no water drought or adversity and see how interesting that is haha! Jokes aside, the cinematography's still great which is a pleasure to watch. I'm not vested in the story as much as before because of the historical inaccuracies and the predictability of the story. It's not in my 'wow' TV show list, rather 'casual watch' list.
  14. Glenn being saved like that in the tunnel was hilariously bad. Took the realism away from that scene/ situation. The last 2 episodes have picked up which's good. Terminus looks like a place where you get that 'it doesn't look what it seems' kinda feeling. They could have accomplished a lot this season if the opening episodes weren't wasted for time/ lack of pacing and story development.
  15. That's a pretty bad image if you consider how high her skirt is and the disappearance of anything resembling a butt.
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikings_(TV_series) Historical accuracy[edit] Some critics have pointed out historical inaccuracies in the series' depiction of Viking society. Lars Walker, in the magazine The American Spectator criticized its portrayal of Viking Age government (in the person of Earl Haraldson) as autocratic rather than essentially democratic.[46] Joel Robert Thompson criticized the show's depiction of the Norse peoples' supposed ignorance of the existence of the Britain and Ireland, and the use of the death penalty instead of outlawry (skoggangr) as a punishment for heinous crimes.[47] Monty Dobson, a historian at Central Michigan University, criticised the show's depictions of Viking Age clothing, but went on to state that fictional shows like Vikings could still be a useful teaching tool.[48] The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported that the series incorrectly depicted the temple at Uppsala as a stave church in the mountains, whereas the historical temple was situated on flat land and stave churches were a hallmark of later Christian architecture in Scandinavia.[49] The show also portrays a crucifixion of a prominent character instigated by a Christian bishop near Wessex, apparently as a standard punishment for apostasy in order to unite the apostate with the sufferings of Jesus Christ. In reality, the emperor Constantine outlawed crucifixion in the 4th century, and no crucifixions were documented to have taken place in Europe thereafter. Regarding the historical accuracy of the show, showrunner Michael Hirst comments that “I especially had to take liberties with ‘Vikings’ because no one knows for sure what happened in the Dark Ages" and that “we want people to watch it. A historical account of the Vikings would reach hundreds, occasionally thousands, of people. Here we’ve got to reach millions.”[50] When Katheryn Winnick was asked why she licked the seer's hand she answered "It wasn’t originally in the script and we just wanted to come up with something unique and different." [51]
  17. 'course I remember you, welcome back! How was the move to San Diego for you? Big change from what you were used to in Canada?
  18. Any of you had lucid dreams? I've had em.
  19. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you guys rate the show? I might start watching it soon.
  20. Looks pretty good.
  21. And I'm the bad guy for shitting on this right from the start
  22. I think you guys misunderstood my point ) ... the last Batman game I played was The Adventures Of Batman & Robin which was pretty good. What I meant just by looking at the video was the sequence of events and what happens etc visually that you know or have seen to have happened in the exact same order either in movies or tv shows. It felt predictable and boring like I knew someone with a big gun would shoot at his car and it would go flying up while Batman jumps out, kicks butt and hops back in after it's all done. How many times have we all seen that? Watching it again in a game trailer excites you guys? I'm only analyzing the trailer.
  23. I think that's one of the reasons season one starts with a bang and then goes off weak. Plus my interest in the show isn't at it's peak because it's been a year since I watched a weakish show and there's either no time or better things to watch. That's another problem with this show for me, History shouldn't have waited a full year. I understand the production values are great and all but it's no Breaking Bad or Game Of Thrones to hold your interest while there are no episodes airing.
  24. Kinda reminds me of the time when people were complaining like "Man Of Steel is gonna show Superman's origins ... again?!?!" ... this batman clip has nothing new that has not been seen over and over so many times, frame by frame. Boring.
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fid5YhiG2yk