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  1. The first X Men movie wasn't too bad. But Days Of Future Past was sort of a train wreck, not as bad as X 2 or X 3, which doesn't say much. Plus, I think the makers of the movie forgot X 3 even happened considering there are continuity mistakes. Plus Ellen's character ... what's up with her special ability? Did they just make that up for this movie and why couldn't she use her power in X 3? Did they also forget the situation with Magneto at the end of X 3? The best parts of Days Of Future Past were with the quick guy. As much as I like Fassbender, the movie didn't work for me. So far this year, the best comic book movie has been Captain America 2.
  2. First Class > Days Of Future Past.
  3. NGE rules, there's a lot going on. But, check out the movies, maybe it'll change your perspective? The movies follow a different story because at the time of the original series, the mangeka suffered depression and now that he's out of it, he's wanted to do a re-telling of sorts. Claymore changed things up around episode 19 and then it got bad. Read the manga. High School of The Dead, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bobobobobobobobobooooo, Attack On Titan, Strike Witches (everything), Chrono Trigger, Macross 7 (and Dynamite), Sekirei, Ninja Scroll, Maria Holic, Initial D Extra Stage, Yumeria, Angel Sanctuary ... so many more.
  4. The movie was awesome for what it was, Gareth delivered and it was worth the wait. Cheese in many parts but I was a happy pup. I keep hearing mixed reviews and people need to know what to expect from a Gareth movie like they know what to expect from a Bay or Spielberg or Cronenberg film.
  5. Spell check is for pu$$ie$ !! Joking, I've seldom needed it. Kids today can't spell if you ask them to spell a word without typing it on a phone or in Microsoft Word or have Google tell you what it actually is in Italics in Google Search. When some colleagues use my computer during lunch, I see them make horrible mistakes.
  6. They need to fix that. Waiting a year not only is a long time but it doesn't keep the series fresh in the audience's mind and doesn't get them constantly talking about it. Less buzz that way unless you make it as big as Game Of Thrones or Mad Men or the first few seasons of Breaking Bad.
  7. SLIDER!!!
  8. I got an iPhone 5s and I was holding, using my old S2 recently and it made me miss the S2 a lot. It's wider than the 5s, even the screen's bigger. The iPhone's screen is narrow, typing is hard plus I'm used to using Swype. But the flow of apps is seamless, no lag, easy to navigate once you get around it. Android has more customizable options under each app by opening it where in iOS you go through the settings menu to set different options for all your apps.
  9. Another year's worth of a wait or will it air sooner? I'm not entirely convinced Siggy was in on the plan, or was she? Who left first ... Siggy or Floki?
  10. 14 long long years, seems only yesterday when I joined. I'm probably the youngest on the board, compared to you guys Happy birthday AC.
  11. You could use this space for movies or tv shows or alike. I was in the middle of A Late Quartet and sprung on the forum.
  12. Cancelled. http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/04/29/almost-human-canceled-fox/
  13. Not clicking that. Off topic - my fascination with clicking on movie trailers to find out a 2 and a half minute plot summary with spoilers is at the lowest. If I'm interested in a movie, I'll watch it, regardless of the trailer. If it sucks, it sucks. Depends on the subject matter or who's involved in the project.
  14. The Dark Knight Rises is the weakest movie in that trilogy. The Last Airbender pissed me off. I have not watched Wild Wild West, I don't have the time for rubbish hahaha!
  15. ^ Yep, it's pretty much how the manga ends. That's a bad movie. 300: Rise Of An Empire - The first 10 mins I think has a 1 minute fight sequence stretched out in slow motion to give it 10 mins of reel time. Apart from Eva Green's presence in the film, this was a waste of time which doesn't better the already bad effort - 300. Blue Ruin - under-rated revenge thriller, pretty good. Recommended. Go in blind with this one like any movie recommended.
  16. Not sure how I feel about Athelstan and his return to Ragnar's village. In a way, it contradicts his recently acquired faith and if you look at the amount of time they spent in showing him in doubt before he went back to Christianity, it took just a friendly gesture from Ragnar to bring him back to the fold? Floki trying to be a bad guy and not teaming with Ragnar was a good spin to his character, seeing him possibly return to the fold is again a bit disappointing. With Rollo you could see why he did it initially, the intent was clear and sacrifice was too. In the end, it still makes for good TV, not sure how historically accurate these switching of sides was back in the day, but I could see it happening.
  17. We Are What We Are - stunning end, bit of a slow-burn but a good watch overall. Here Comes To Devil - sex scenes were pointless, apart from 1-2 horrific scenes involving the kids, the movie was predictable and meh. This may be on Netflix now. Have you read the manga? It's how the manga ended. If you didn't like the manga, you shouldn't have watched a 90+% accurate adaptation haha!
  18. The Hellsing TV series changes in plot after episode 6 or 7. Hellsing Ultimate stays committed to the manga with no filler. Think - FMA.
  19. Not gonna say much because I know it wouldn't matter and nobody cares. So anyway - Enemy - Highly recommended if you like mind bending movies. The Fourth Man - good old school flick, same as above but easier to grasp. Joe - Nicholas Cage's best movie in over 10 years, damn good. Noah - weakest Aronofsky but better than the recent crop of movies out there and has some menacing, dark moments. Good soundtrack. Recommended. Grand Piano - decent premise for this thriller, good execution and a decent end. The Raid 2 - more plot, bigger production, 1 is better but this is the best action movie to be released in US theaters in 2014 so far. I haven't watched Captain America but I don't have to in order to make that statement. Ride Along - Kevin Hart, Ice Cube. 1 laugh and the rest is a clunker, colossal waste of time.
  20. There's a movie out there, I'm gonna pick it up soon and watch it. Any of you checked it out yet? A trailer popped up when I Google searched this but I ain't checking it out.
  21. Shift + Delete. Okiedokie!
  22. So everyone discovers old anime or new anime all the time but what do you consider is your favorite anime series or top 2 or top 3, not beyond that because then it becomes a hey check out these 10/ 15 series that are good. No, the purpose of this thread is to narrow it down to get to the top. This could be a movie or a series or an OVA. I admit I haven't kept current with many anime series that came out in the past 3 years but I check out the best rated ones from time to time and skip the rest. So far, none have impressed me to a scale where I can safely say I'd be a life long fan. The one series that comes to mind that I still watch as it comes out (or try to) is One Piece. Sledge and I have discussed this at length and I can't get myself to like the current animation style when it comes to fight sequence but it's varied from arc to arc. Thriller Bark marked the switch to a bigger resolution and better art style, supposedly, but I preferred everything from character design to art direction, music theme and more importantly - pacing - from Post Enies Lobby arc and before. The story outweighs the design and it's executed well in the anime vs the manga. There's a lot of detail I can go through but I don't want an overkill first post, so I'll end it now. Akira would be my choice of top tier anime movie, for many many reasons. I'm a fan of Ghibli or other classics by non-Ghibli studios but if I had to choose 1, I'd pick Akira. Want to know why? Hit reply and find out That's two of my choices, I would have to think of my last/ final choice or leave it at this.
  23. I stopped watching it around the time Coulson found out about himself. I heard last night actually about how it's gotten better since and how it ties into Marvel's current movies.