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  1. I thought you'd be into this kinda stuff though, Myk. I'm surprised there isn't much talk about this cash cow over-rated rehash bullshit teeny bopper movie franchise that's a BR rip off. It gets even more lovable when you Google what the writer has to say about the many many similarities between both series in question.
  2. What a bad movie. If you're a fan of some decent va's in the business, sure check it out. And the title of the movie is misleading for the first word aka the character you'd expect to be in this movie is in it for a probable 5/10 mins TOPS.
  3. Judge Dredd remake was good. This's made by the creator of the Max universe. It's exactly what he wanted. No compromise. If it sucks, it sucks. You don't need to know the full movie gist in a trailer to find it interesting enough to go see it. Trailers people are used to seeing today are pretty bad and ignorant as a matter of fact to the whole concept of creating something that'll spark an interest to go see the full story by spending money and watching it on the big screen. As someone who frequents movie theaters and spends the money to watch movies at a theater, I find that level of ignorance displayed by trailer makers stupefying and appalling. Take a book, read the back and check out the reviews. Does it tell you a synopsis? Does it give away under what circumstance the good and bad guy meet during the final fight and what they're fighting with or who has cuts on his/ her face already, etc. etc. We all know the answer to that ; )
  4. Is this gonna be picked for a 3rd season?
  5. Fun flick. Final fight = disappointingly short. Won't watch again, coming from me who watched this on the big screen when it was screened here.
  6. Good fun movie. Over-rated as well.
  7. Godzilla rules. This TMNT was a disgrace.
  8. The Shining, I mean the only Shining that matters.
  9. To the comments in this thread, I don't really want to say anything. You'll love me all the more
  10. Not even curious to watch it, I am.
  11. They need to find 1 design for characters and stick with it. Same with actors. Oh, about this trailer, well, it shows you everything you wanna see and how it'll end. Sweet.
  12. He's doing Evangelion next. La laaa la laaaaaa laa.
  13. Yep, original VA > dub.
  14. The first X Men movie wasn't too bad. But Days Of Future Past was sort of a train wreck, not as bad as X 2 or X 3, which doesn't say much. Plus, I think the makers of the movie forgot X 3 even happened considering there are continuity mistakes. Plus Ellen's character ... what's up with her special ability? Did they just make that up for this movie and why couldn't she use her power in X 3? Did they also forget the situation with Magneto at the end of X 3? The best parts of Days Of Future Past were with the quick guy. As much as I like Fassbender, the movie didn't work for me. So far this year, the best comic book movie has been Captain America 2.
  15. First Class > Days Of Future Past.
  16. NGE rules, there's a lot going on. But, check out the movies, maybe it'll change your perspective? The movies follow a different story because at the time of the original series, the mangeka suffered depression and now that he's out of it, he's wanted to do a re-telling of sorts. Claymore changed things up around episode 19 and then it got bad. Read the manga. High School of The Dead, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bobobobobobobobobooooo, Attack On Titan, Strike Witches (everything), Chrono Trigger, Macross 7 (and Dynamite), Sekirei, Ninja Scroll, Maria Holic, Initial D Extra Stage, Yumeria, Angel Sanctuary ... so many more.
  17. The movie was awesome for what it was, Gareth delivered and it was worth the wait. Cheese in many parts but I was a happy pup. I keep hearing mixed reviews and people need to know what to expect from a Gareth movie like they know what to expect from a Bay or Spielberg or Cronenberg film.
  18. Spell check is for pu$$ie$ !! Joking, I've seldom needed it. Kids today can't spell if you ask them to spell a word without typing it on a phone or in Microsoft Word or have Google tell you what it actually is in Italics in Google Search. When some colleagues use my computer during lunch, I see them make horrible mistakes.
  19. They need to fix that. Waiting a year not only is a long time but it doesn't keep the series fresh in the audience's mind and doesn't get them constantly talking about it. Less buzz that way unless you make it as big as Game Of Thrones or Mad Men or the first few seasons of Breaking Bad.
  20. SLIDER!!!
  21. I got an iPhone 5s and I was holding, using my old S2 recently and it made me miss the S2 a lot. It's wider than the 5s, even the screen's bigger. The iPhone's screen is narrow, typing is hard plus I'm used to using Swype. But the flow of apps is seamless, no lag, easy to navigate once you get around it. Android has more customizable options under each app by opening it where in iOS you go through the settings menu to set different options for all your apps.
  22. Another year's worth of a wait or will it air sooner? I'm not entirely convinced Siggy was in on the plan, or was she? Who left first ... Siggy or Floki?
  23. 14 long long years, seems only yesterday when I joined. I'm probably the youngest on the board, compared to you guys Happy birthday AC.