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  1. Gotta warn you about Claymore being a bit of a clunker when you get to the middle of the series, felt like the mangeka had too many ideas and couldn't pick where to take it. DX, that is very sweet of you, thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately I used to watch a lot more a few years ago than I do today because of the nature of today's anime and it's primarily the reason why Attack On Titan grew in popularity. The past few years anime has had a lot of loli, cute, lets eat cake, upskirt, jiggling boobs, wind up your skirt kinda cutesy high school drama, comedy, slice of life, harem kinda stuff. Here comes Attack On Titan about killing and killing someone's mother or eating them and it came as a shock to the cake eating otaku who was expecting to see some speed lines of women in tight costumes or short skirts fighting demons/ monsters. Unfortunately, the series they all gripped on is not good where it truly matters - the meat of the story/ characters. It's been a long time since I watched anything that grabbed me as much. From on-going manga I truly value or treasure, I'd say there's Berserk, Vagabond, Real, One Piece - amazing story telling combined with talent in the craft of the art of drawing manga and more importantly, depth in characters, them evolving or devolving and the story overall. Each of those are so different from one another and invoke different emotions as I read them. There are a lot of other completed series that I could recommend you read - Akira, 20th Century Boys, Lone Wolf & Cub, NANA, Barefoot Gen, Slam Dunk, Monster, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, GTO and a couple more. If it's anime you're asking about, there are a few I like in no order, including series or movies at the top of my head - Akira, Crest Of Stars, Banner Of Stars 2, Kurogane Communication, Planetes, Harlock Endless Odyssey, Robotech, Kurau, Fruits Basket, Twin Spica, Gankutsuou, Girl Who Lept Through Time, Angel's Egg, Hunter x Hunter, Kino's Journey, Boogiepop Phantom, Last Exile, Tokyo Magnitude, Macross Frontier/ Plus, Nadia, Saikano, Ouran, GTO, Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Blue Seed, Haibane Renmei, Place Promised In Our Early Days, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Rahxephon, Escaflowne, His & Her Circumstances, GITS Stand Alone, Ippo original series, Voices of a Distant Star, Patlabor OVA, Gundam - Char and MS 8th, Paranoia Agent, Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, Battle Programmer Shirase ... there are a few more but I'll have to go through my stuff to dig and tell.
  2. Not interested. The movie was good, yet over-rated.
  3. Yep, in the theater because a pal visiting me from Canada wanted to check it out. He picked this over Expendables 3, much to my anguish but a guest is a guest and I'd honor their pick. The movie sucked as much balls as the new Transformers and reminded me of the last really bad movie I had to see in a theater with another friend, about 2 cops, supposed to be funny, with that short guy in it, frakkin miserable hours of my life.
  4. Experiencing the 2nd movie in the theater and seeing people react to stupid dumb emotion I got a scratch so please GASP loud scenes was laughable. The level of acceptable standards for entertainment is amazing these days. We're getting closer to Idiocracy ; ) and I cannot wait!
  5. Never found Flash THAT interesting to check this show out.
  6. Will watch it tonight with a few friends. I suspect by the end of this season, the girl you guys love will die. If she doesn't, I hope Rick does. EDIT So I watched it. It's funny how they said THEN and NOW as if we won't get what's happening and I didn't like the reveal at the end, in the sense that I'm glad we'll see more of that character, it was just odd to have them unmask the guy, it would've been cooler if they showed a guy walk up to the sign and follow those signs where the audience's wondering "Who's that guy?!! Is he good or some scalp the group forgot to kill off?!" The first episode felt like one of those season finale's and I mean that in a good way, glad the story picked up and we weren't stuck at Terminus for the full season. Zombies look like many versions of an Iron Maiden cover. That fire cracker scene was not realistic for a show that wants to be closer to showing realistic stuff. I also for the first time sat through an episode of Talking Dead, painful. Reassured my belief in why I think Conan isn't funny.
  7. Real men don't need spell check or punctuation pointers. Spell check to me is like a March 5 or 7 or 10 whatever number of blades they're at these days. Been using this phone for a few months. Not bad. Hasn't lagged or required me to turn off and turn back on. I do turn it off every day, twice a day when I'm traveling in the subway and the one change I've made is not put it to charge in the night. I wake up, put the phone to charge, take it off the charge by the time I leave for work and that way the phone starts it's day at an 80ish percent, don't let it keep charging like I used to with my other phones. Worried I wouldn't be able to simply replace a battery pack.
  8. The manga for this, aka the source material, is pretty awesome and I'm being sarcastic. Bad writing, bad drawing and the deeper you go into the story the more you find yourself thinking about the depth this series could potentially have which is at a shallow 1 cm off the surface level. Okay, a cm and a half and that's being generous at a spot that's a feet in depth. No pretty look directing from the anime, no speed lines, no soundtrack, no pretty sparkles, etc. that one could be spoiled from expecting fresh off the anime. Bare bones dull, this is. But, give it a shot.
  9. Now, that's a good thing
  10. ^ now way man. And this movie is as worthless as Bay's other movies in the franchise.
  11. Leaked a month before it's release. Not better than Expendables 2. Still not the Contra movie I want Sly-Arnie to have made.
  12. I thought you'd be into this kinda stuff though, Myk. I'm surprised there isn't much talk about this cash cow over-rated rehash bullshit teeny bopper movie franchise that's a BR rip off. It gets even more lovable when you Google what the writer has to say about the many many similarities between both series in question.
  13. What a bad movie. If you're a fan of some decent va's in the business, sure check it out. And the title of the movie is misleading for the first word aka the character you'd expect to be in this movie is in it for a probable 5/10 mins TOPS.
  14. Judge Dredd remake was good. This's made by the creator of the Max universe. It's exactly what he wanted. No compromise. If it sucks, it sucks. You don't need to know the full movie gist in a trailer to find it interesting enough to go see it. Trailers people are used to seeing today are pretty bad and ignorant as a matter of fact to the whole concept of creating something that'll spark an interest to go see the full story by spending money and watching it on the big screen. As someone who frequents movie theaters and spends the money to watch movies at a theater, I find that level of ignorance displayed by trailer makers stupefying and appalling. Take a book, read the back and check out the reviews. Does it tell you a synopsis? Does it give away under what circumstance the good and bad guy meet during the final fight and what they're fighting with or who has cuts on his/ her face already, etc. etc. We all know the answer to that ; )
  15. Is this gonna be picked for a 3rd season?
  16. Fun flick. Final fight = disappointingly short. Won't watch again, coming from me who watched this on the big screen when it was screened here.
  17. Good fun movie. Over-rated as well.
  18. Godzilla rules. This TMNT was a disgrace.
  19. The Shining, I mean the only Shining that matters.
  20. To the comments in this thread, I don't really want to say anything. You'll love me all the more
  21. Not even curious to watch it, I am.
  22. They need to find 1 design for characters and stick with it. Same with actors. Oh, about this trailer, well, it shows you everything you wanna see and how it'll end. Sweet.
  23. He's doing Evangelion next. La laaa la laaaaaa laa.
  24. Yep, original VA > dub.