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  1. Haha, I'm dying to watch it even more now !
  2. Sweet, I'm so annoyed I missed such an awesome episode *shrugs* But, is this episode near to the end of the series ??? Or am I just in the middle of it ...
  3. Nuns with guns, man I bet they look cute ! *salivates*
  4. *sniff sniff sniff* I found her .... *jumps those really high jumps and comes face to face with Kagome_is_so_hot* Well, now that we're together, let me share with you some of my "pedigree"
  5. Beats me ! If I'm there for more than 5 days, I could actually witness the mastermind (my caretaker/mass plant murderer) do his work .... But he's kinda cool. His name's Shankar and he's 65. The stories he tells are really laugh-worthy and full time-pass kind. The last time I went, he said that the dog (the one at his place) had been attacked and taken by a tiger, who he chased for a good 8 miles and threw stones at *rolls eyes* ... see, this's what I was talking about .
  6. Wait .... *sniffs the trail* ... wait, get back ... Kaaaggoommeeee (shouts like Inu Yasha) !!
  7. I vaguely remember right now. I think Kiba gets into this ship because he's looking for that "rose/flower" girl. He finds her all hooked upto some big wires n stuff and the episode ends. I'll post more tomorrow when I remember more clearly. I don't think this's quite it.
  8. Wow, she's cute ! Thanks for the link BlackRose . This thread made me interested a bit and I'm downloading episodes 1, 2 and 3. I think all three have reached about 1/3rd download completed.
  9. Well, to be honest, it looks pretty okay-ish to me. You garden isn't all that bad looking PLUS it's lush green ! Man, it took me 10 minutes to read your last post Lady and boy, I feel a lot more cleverer now . At the same time, it reminded me of the garden I have at a hill-station. Everything I bring from the city, plants, flower-plants, trees, etc. always die because of my care-taker. It's wierd cos instead of taking care of em, he always kills them. Bluuuudy.
  10. *prematurely ejaculates* .... phew :sdrop3: Good to hear that, and he's always been kinda sexy too hah.
  11. I love the way he carries himself off the battlefield and on it. He's aggressive and very good with his words too . Overall, his persona and screen presence in the cartoon series is better than all the other characters, in my opinion. I haven't watched his father though or any of the movies (I have the first film but decided not to watch it till my computer gets an upgrade and it stops to drag/skip )
  12. Are you guys reffering to having finished downloading it or simply watching it on television ?
  13. Pchan


    Damnit, don't post any spoilers !!!! I currently don't even find a 114 when I look for it ... downloading 113 and almost done.
  14. You mean the young Sakura right ... there's this episode where they have a task for "flower arrangement" and she looks uber cute in it alongside her pal. I think a character from Galaxy Angel's pretty cute as well and from the Baby Ba-Chan series heh.
  15. Some episodes were really depressing, I remember. Although I missed the end to the series because of my Gmat exam and stuff .... dammit !
  16. Could anyone post some pictures off the anime or something, just to give me an idea of the characters and briefly summarize what the series is all about
  17. Why am I not surprised about my choice Impressive Miroku pic
  18. That wind scar sure was smelly, I wonder if it was dog-poop or fox-poop ? Another one for the same pic, Kagora to Naruko/Naraku - "Can I please PLEASE please take part in the Miss Universe contest ?" "Man, I looked just like her before I started to lose my hair ...."
  19. Two high school sweethearts who went out together for four years in high school were both virgins; they enjoyed losing their virginity with each other in 10th grade. When they graduated, they wanted to both go to the same college but the girl was accepted to a college on the east coast, and the guy went to the west coast. They agreed to be faithful to each other and spend anytime they could together. As time went on, the guy would call the girl and she would never be home, and when he wrote, she would take weeks to return the letters. Even when he emailed her, she took days to return his messages. Finally, she confessed to him she wanted to date around. He didn't take this very well and increased his calls, letters, and emails trying to win back her love. Because she became annoyed, and now had a new boyfriend, she wanted to get him off her back. So, what she did is this: she took a polaroid picture of her sucking her new boyfriend's unmentionables and sent it to her old boyfriend with a note reading, "I found a new boyfriend, leave me alone." Well, needless to say, this guy was heartbroken but, even more so, was pissed. So what he did next was awesome. He wrote on the back of the photo the following, "Dear Mom and Dad, having a great time at college, please send more money!" and mailed the picture to her parents.
  20. Pchan


    You're asking me ?
  21. Pchan


    Ohh ! You're at the battle between Naruto, Sasuke with Aoi (with the Raijin) !
  22. Pchan


    So you must've just come out of the Zabuza series I'm currently upto-date with Naruto and await for the 112th episode to get available for download.
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