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  1. ...Only game I'm looking forward to beside King of Fighters XII.
  2. Two years after 2nd Gig, not like it matters anymore...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrU_h4frGg8 Will watch... And stuff.
  4. Thanks for the help btw, it works really well with ConvertXtoDVD. My uncle wants to see that summerslam 2008 shit so I dl'd it for him, unfortunately it's a bunch of files like these: 433-wwe.summerslam.2008.ppv.pdtv.xvid.cd1 433-wwe.summerslam.2008.ppv.pdtv.xvid.cd1.r38 433-wwe.summerslam.2008.ppv.pdtv.xvid.cd1.sfv in two separate folders called CD1 and CD2. How do I go about making these playable/burnable? Nevermind.
  5. I'm sure my computer has a DVD burner in it, on account that I can burn music and such. I've had Texhnolyze on my computer for quite a long time. Since it is one of the few animes I actually watch, I was wanting to burn it and stuff. What I'm basically wondering is, is what settings and types of DVDs I need to burn all 22 episodes.
  6. EVA-01

    Gundam 00

    So yeah, I put it off after the first episode and actually finished it a long time ago when the last episodes sub was released. It was actually good, shouldn't have doubted it etc...
  7. I wish this would come out already. Majority of the movies out right now are complete shit.
  8. EVA-01

    Gundam 00

    Is it because there is a Char clone? ...I'm still expecting one...
  9. So yeah... Now that Ledger has passed away... This movie will be epic-er and freaky as hell.
  10. EVA-01

    Gundam 00

    Has there been a Char clone yet?
  11. EVA-01

    Devil May Cry 4

    I swear I've made a topic about this several times... Anyways, both DMC4 demos are coming out this Thursday... I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. Good ol' DMC3 gameplay times one million.
  12. EVA-01

    Dreamcast 2

    Wow. I could rant on about this, but I'll just say that the DC was way more creative than Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo.
  13. http://youtube.com/watch?v=8OfrmzjxRMs Low quality.
  14. We all read it in Brit Lit. Even my teacher said it wasn't as good as she had expected. :l
  15. EVA-01

    facebook anyone?

    I have both, recently made a Facebook. I like it more than MySpace, but I'm not a Facebook/MySpace whore.
  16. Wow, someone actually thought it was good? DX is the only one I've heard who has said it was awesome, out of the 30 or so people I've heard. Pretty much everyone said the only cool part was the ending when he fights the "monstuh."
  17. Gurren Lagann is the epitome of manly, not lame school girl, anime. I'm so glad I took this long to watch it all since it first aired. everything about it is epic. Discuss the epic-ness of this anime and the epic-ness of song "Libera Me" From Hell. Also, KING KITTAN DRILL BBRRRRREEEAAAAKKKKAAAAHHHHHHH
  18. EVA-01

    Gundam 00

    So far I'm not that into it, but I'm still watching, hopefully I'll like it more as it goes on. But they're going in the SEED direction by giving Excia, Excia Avalanche... Though, Astraea has a fairly badass design.
  19. EVA-01

    Gundam Wars

    Gundam + Beast Wars = Gundam Wars. It's very logical it you add them together and divide by zero. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e304/xXThe_RebirthXx/juraffiga.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e304/xXThe_RebirthXx/LIGAHZERO.jpg In the works possibly. Praise meh. ...Actually, these were used as a mockup for the 2002 Gundam series. Good to know though.
  20. EVA-01

    Do you smoke?

    I don't smoke cigarettes, but I do the other thing from time to time...
  21. I posted this in the chat three days ago.
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