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  1. It's because King of Fighters is better than Street Fighter. Fact. I'm still waiting for KoFXI to come here... Tells people to look at his awesome K' avatar.
  2. Welcome back.
  3. My cousin is getting the Collectors Editon. I'm just gonna wait till it's 20 bucks...Which may be a while but I don't really care since finding out the ending ruined it for me. Off Topic: Instead I had the Special edition of .hack//G.U. pre-ordered...Been wait for over a year for this. @_@
  4. They are making a FMA movie! It is supposedly to becoming out this summer. I have extremely high hopes that it will be good. It is supposed to take place after where the series left off. (SPOILERS) http://www.fullmetalalchemist.info/moviegen.html (SPOILERS) This place tell what happens at the end of the show as well, so know that it does have SPOILERS. The place also has two trailers, but I wasn't able to watch them.
  5. Settle for a Draw- Arctic Monkeys
  6. Wasn't it also the replacement for the Nightingale in the CCA line? Or was it the Qubeley MkII?
  7. Their was a red Hyaku Shiki in GvsZG? How? It's been a very long time since I played that game...Still wants Climax U.C. to come here...
  8. I so knew the TC would say a SEED/Destiny character. Char and Shiro. Everything about 08th MS Team is/was awesome.
  9. Dunno if it says this in their but it's made by the guy who helped/created KH/II. I thought you meant the date. So yeah, the game's real. Their's this, XIII and Agito XIII.
  10. The date real? You're really gulible...believing whatever is in the magazines or a web site like IGN... IIRC, EGM said FFXIII would be March-May of '07, and Versus would be in '08. Which I doubt, I mean they just released info not too long ago about both and having date this early? Don't get you hopes up with things like this sir. ;P
  11. I really like the Final Form sig. <_>
  12. I like the third one the most, always liked it for some reason. ....KHII Final Mix. >_>
  13. Lol @ Azrael's... Brand New Colony- The Postal Service
  14. This is the only good CG one of him surrently, the other one is an artwork thing with Red Queen glowing red like his DT Arm. Off Topic: Also lol @ the new combo names; ALL THAT! COME ON! DO IT! BIG UP! The S is gonna be Supa Sexy or something stupid...
  15. Sweet, you need to make a Nero sig to show approval of the new character.
  16. I love 0080 also alongside with 08th MS Team. But I still think 08th MS Team ranks higher than this though. The main reason I like 08th MS Team is because it's not about NewTpye and the supa dupa MS/Gundams. I'd give 0080 a 9/10.
  17. Fearless- The Bravery
  18. From The Ritz To The Rubble- Arctic Monkeys
  19. By The Grace Of God- The Hellacopters
  20. I like them but, I really like your avatar more. >_>
  21. Welcome. Put porn on your forum. that always works.
  22. That band has practically raped the others... Voted.
  23. The V one is badass, also good luck with that. :3
  24. If you can get there, the area outside Daguerreo Library has Grand Dragons. Bring in Quina and have him/her cast Lv. 5 death on them, and you'll be good to go. Excalibur II is easy to get, you have to beat the entire game under twelve hours.