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  1. Well, the FF characters aren't canon in KH hence the reason Cloud can talk to her. Also KH and KHII were both based on Disney worlds, not Final Fantasy worlds so I don't see how it can be too much Disney. FF characters are supposed to be little added bonuses from Squenix. Also KHII FM+ will be released here, for once.
  2. Spitting Venom- Modest Mouse
  3. ...This is older than time itself. Race Sprites sketch > Wayne Brady sketch.
  4. 300

    I noticed a lot more the second time at the IMAX. The first time I went no one clapped, they just watched and said "woah" and stuff when cool stuff happened. But this second time people were trying to start clap moments every second something cool happened, it was annoying as hell.
  5. 300

    It was awesome, me and my other set of friends are going to the IMAX again tonight...I mean morning at 12AM. "You will not enjoy this, this will not go slowly..." I hope the make a two disc edition of 300 when it comes out.
  6. I'm sorry but there is no way you, or anyone, can top this one when it comes to a Gungrave AMV. I downloaded it in case they deleted it but apparently it's still been up since then. >_> http://youtube.com/watch?v=dfSk_M35kQc <-- Some spoilers. I normally I don't like AMVs but this once is amazing, hell I even downloaded the song way back when.
  7. 300

    Freakin' amazing movie. I saw it last night at an IMAX with all of my friends. The 9:50 show was sold out, luckily my friend ordered our tickets ahead of time. All of the battles were crazy, especially when the two Spartans did the "double team" thing against all of those Persians. It was definitely worth the 13 bucks.
  8. Well, I finally rewatched Gungrave for the first time since I signed up here. I didn't remember it being so sad though. D: Rewatching it reminded me that Gungrave, GitS and Gankutsuou will always be my all time favorite animes... ...No, Gungrave (game) -> Gungrave (anime) -> Gungrave OD.
  9. I saw it Friday night and...Eva Mendez's boobs made the entire movie great... >_> ...Blackheart looked like a douche, he's wasn't supposed to look like a human. When Ghost Rider first appeared the head was was to small, but that wasn't the case through out the movie. Plus the Spirits of Vengeance were defeated far too easily, it didn't even take two minutes on each of them. Plus mixing Ghost Riders weapons was sorta lame. Overall I'd give it a 8/10, only because I usually can't hate a movie and because some parts weren't that bad. I hope Ironman is as good as Daredevil was...
  10. Anyone played/gotten it yet? This one is different from the one you only got if you signed up for Cory's Blog a while back. You were only supposed to get it if you preordered GoWII, but last night I just went to GS and said I forgot to pick it up... Also snatched up a badass GoWII poster. >_> ...I'm also positive I'll be getting this instead of Shining force EXA.
  11. Yeah, it was only EB/GS. I had mine preordered at GameCrazy so I just went to GS and said I "forgot" to pick mine up when I preordered. The controls are basically the same, cool new tricks and stuff. This demo is the begining of the game where you fight Colossus.
  12. It was badass. Gaara looks pretty awesome as well.
  13. Fluroscent Adolescent -Arctic Monkeys, live versions from their new album in April.
  14. I heard this on the MGS4 board. I'm just hoping the cast aren't some well known actors. These live-action type movies are really sucking/getting old now, next I'm betting we'll see a live-action Bugs Bunny movie. =_=
  15. Gym Class Heroes is pretty good. I also like Common and T.I., but that's about it.
  16. I hope the 2 disc version will be a limited edition. Rebirth signed up for Cory's blog forever ago so he'll get the GoWII demo before almost everyone else.
  17. This has been on Wikipedia for a while. >_> But I also remember some people saying it was a hoax, and the episode was a joke. They were wrong. Lulz.
  18. Godsibb- Xenosaga III OST
  19. My friend used to play Lineage II then switched to WoW because of this one kid we know, all they used to talk about in art was about WoW. I play Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas. These are on my friend's 360s whenever I go to their houses on the weekends.
  20. You Only Live Once- The Strokes Lulz, last.fm... http://www.last.fm/user/The_Rebirth/ I recently made one because someone told me about it...>_>
  21. Congrats...This give me hopes on the girl I like...
  22. Anna Molly- Incubus
  23. No, there is Agito XIII, Versus XIII and FFXIII, like I said...No one ever pays attention to men.
  24. Date of Rebirth- Origa- Also, GitS S.A.C Solid State Society I DL'D it a few weeks ago...Took me two hours just for Solid State Society to download.
  25. Steel Town- Milburn