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  1. Where do you get it at?
  2. My favs would be... 1) Sessomoru 2)Naraku 3) Onigumo (funny watching him kill people while hes naked.) 4) Inuyasha 5) Kagome...yummy...aaaahhhhhh...
  3. It still comes on. I don't even watch it anymore, because I've seen it like 8 or 9 times each. Nick YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!!!
  4. But it would be sort of cool to see one though.
  5. YOU PERVERT! I have that center fold right next to my bed...kidding...
  6. The final battle was bad ass. I heard they were supposed to make a game called something like 'Planet Gunsmoke.' But I don't think it's true. It also seems like there would be a sequal too.
  7. My favorite is Legato Summers and Million Knives. I love the angel arms.
  8. Uuuuummmmmmm...okay...
  9. Same here, when I went to a convention like, maby one year ago, they also showed Evangelion. There weren't many people there either, except for around maybe only 20 seats filled out of 60-70 seats. I was one of those 20 in a seat.
  10. I agree, most of my friends who watched like, only 4 episodes didn't like it because they thought it was too complicated. For some people it takes time to understand and find out what it means. Even I didn't understand it completly at first but when I watched it again I understood, and started to like it.
  11. I watched the first eight episodes, and it didn't really get that good until like the 7th episode,I think... or was it eighth???
  12. Almost everybody I know doesn't really like this show much. They think it's okay.
  13. I've seen all of the episodes, but the I haven't been able to see the two movies because I can't find them anywhere near me.
  14. Thats the reason I put it last, and I couldn't think of the other animes I liked.
  15. Mine are... 1)Neon Genisis Evangelion 2)Wolf's Rain 3)Trigun 4)Cowboy Bebop 5).Hack//sign 6)Ful Metal Alchemist 7)Gundam Wing 8)Gundam Seed 9)Gundam 8th MS Team 10)FLCL Have so many more but...
  16. Still don't get all of it.
  17. This may be off topic but, does anyone know where to get the Evangelion-Death and Rebirth DVD's? Because everywhere I look I can't find them anymore and I have to take it to one of the anime club meetings