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  1. gokuDX7 liked a post in a topic by Hell_Cat_18 in Kingdom Hearts 3 world wish list   
    You're refering to a FAN-MADE image you found on the messageboards. The image is FAN-MADE and is not the official title, and or, cover for the new game.
    I also suggest you start showing some respect for EVA-01 and GokuDX7...both are hightly respected on this board.
  2. falling-angel-111 liked a post in a topic by gokuDX7 in If you don't like teen drama, don't click this.   
    your 14 or 15 right? Why are you even thinking about sex lol? If your not sure about sex then chances are your not ready, give it a few years till you know you want it. It seems you hang around with guys that are older then you. It's to be expected that they want sex from you....its also Illegal since their 18 and your under 16 .
    You need shirts that have funny sayings on them like "Sorry Boys, no sex till im 18"
    "No I don't want to have sex with you"
    "I Wear a chastity belt but she doesn't ---->"
  3. Pchan liked a post in a topic by gokuDX7 in Outlook screw-up   
    When you uninstall Outlook it never removes your e-mails (unless you ask it too). They should all be located in the C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{D190EE07-1887-4595-8F62-6253314288D2}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
    The HP_Administrator will be whatever your bosses login name is. So if he just uses administrator then replace the HP_admin~ with Administrator.
    Also the crazy letters and numbers {D190EE07-1887-459... will be diffrent on your computer also. So your best bet in finding his outlook folder is to just manly navigate to it.
    Open explorer go to c:\Documents and Settings\ click on the folder with his username. Go through these folders.. Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\ then click on one of the folders with weird numbers (theirs probably allot since you guys installed outlook a few times) but you can make sure what one is the real one by viewing the folder's file size. You said he had allot of e-mails marked back in 2001 so this means his folder is probably going to be huge. Probably in the gig range. So check all folders and find the one with the biggest number. Inside you will see .dbx files. These (I think) can be imported into firebird. If not then just install outlook again and move these files into the new outlook folder and you should see all the e-mail show up in the program next time you load it.
    Hope this helps.
  4. CabbitGirl liked a post in a topic by gokuDX7 in Sexual urges of men and women   
    After reading this I lolerskated all the way home.
  5. Ladywriter liked a post in a topic by gokuDX7 in Sesshomaru's mother   
    now we also find out InuYasha was really a girl this whole time with a mans voice lol.
  6. gokuDX7 liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in What makes Gundam Wing so popular?   
    Now if only that could end the discussion. I know a fair share of GW fans who'd like to end a discussion like this.
    Frankly it's good to state why you like it or don't. It draws out conversation which are what boards are for.
    As I said before this is why I hate this generation and the new generation of Gundam fans. They don't state reasons as to why and they don't want too. (Just for your info I break Gundam fans into three groups: Old School, GW Gen, and New Gen. The majority of AC falls into GW Gen with a few of us having moved to Old School and a few of the n00bs being from the Next Gen (aka SEED Gen)). You guys just want to end the discussion without having to provide backing info because you're afraid to make yourself look bad when someone comes in and destroys your argument.
    Dubie it's always good to have a Gundam discussion with ya. Great info and I commend you for trying to destroy the misconceptions that people have a GW (I know you destroyed a fair share of the ones I had, though those were few in number). I just wish more GW fans were like you, I might actually get more intelligent Gundam conversations out of people. Also w00t for Mythbusters, best show on TV to date.
    Anyways I'm done in here now. Don't want this to go down the wrong path plus we need this to stay on topic (more then a fair share of Gundam discussions have been derailed in here). Continue on with why GW is so popular (beyond the reasons already stated).
  7. gokuDX7 liked a post in a topic by Dubird in What makes Gundam Wing so popular?   
    You're forgetting one key element: Cartoon Network. GW is the first gundam series aired on Cartoon Network. Up until then, anime was mostly a subculture over here. You had your choice of crappy-dub Sailor Moon (the original is actually pretty good), Ronin Warriors (which is still one of my favorites), or Pokemon. Well, Fox did play Escaflowne, but they didn't do a good job of the dub and it didn't go over well. I don't consider Power Rangers in this catagory. >< Then CN comes along, gets ahold of GW, and pimp the living hell out of it. They put it on right after school, so a lot of kids can rush home and watch. And an instant fangirl-base was born.
    Personal, I love GW. The story is a lot deeper than people realize, but then, I've also read all the manga for it. That does help. (yes, Strider, pacifisim is a dream, but Relena is increadibly naieve). And yeah, you have to watch the whole thing. I didn't get it all when I first watched it. Most of what I got the first time I saw it was pretty characters and explosions. A lot of the political stuff went over my head. I've watched it several times since then, read essays and manga and discussed it a lot, and I enjoy it more now than I did. I'm not saying it's for everyone, and I'm not saying it's the best anime around, but there's a lot more to the series than it looks when you first see it.
  8. EVA-01 liked a post in a topic by gokuDX7 in Gundam Universalcentury MMORPG   
    Didn't know if this was the place to post this or if it should go in the games thread o well. Anyway, has anyone tryed this at all? Well anyone that knows how to read it lol. Id really like to play this Gundam MMORPG but I keep hearing poor reviews about it. Been looking for a torrent for it so I can try and connect and see for my self if its worth buying if it ever makes it to USA. So please post your imput on this id very much like to hear about it.
    English info about it:
    Game Site:
  9. aqu liked a post in a topic by gokuDX7 in [movie] Live action gundam movie   
    lol this is funny I was cracking up laughing when I saw this for the first time.