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  1. lol First thing I wanna say is, Damn this is cool I love it :). 2nd Grand master flex is a DJ for a Anime...thats a first. Correct me if Im wrong but I thought I saw Music by "Grand master flex" then some other people after his name. Thats cool but funny at the same time if it is true. Last but not least Mugen is the name of a fighting game haha thats funny they named a person that. Anyway its a good anime and I cant wait to see more.

  2. I have to say D, Alucard is strong and all but somehow I have a feeling it would be a tie or D would win.

    Bolth cant die so.....its gonna be a tie unless Alucard holds D in the sun for days and I doubt that would happen.

    I think it would be cool to through the girl from blood the last Vampire in also lol she was kinda crazzy.

  3. Well, over all both where great. Iv been VHD fan for as long as I can remember. It was the first anime I ever saw and the funny thing was it was on HBO (the first movie). I find the first one funny because of the demonic parasite on his hand always making jokes about biting girl’s necks and other things along those lines. They don’t show enough of it in the 2nd one :(. But the graphics and story of the 2nd one is very good. Got to love the sword fight on the top of the horse and buggy coach thing.

    They really need to make more VHD movies :drool:

  4. I play tibia and a little WoW not much though. Tibia is free so thats alwase good ;). I just started working on my own MMORPG with a few other people that kinda copys tibia. Its really nice and its open source to allow anyone to edit and make there own MMORPG server.

  5. I have the game and have had no problems. But I did have freeze ups in the GTA vice city game. This was mainly becuse my cd drive was dirty. I got a cd cleaner and let it do its job then after that no more freezes.

    Other then that I have had no problems with any GTA game or any other ps2 games now that I clean my cd drive once a month lol.