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  1. Where did you come up with that 200G a year? Someone else posted something similar on digg and when I asked he couldn't point me to the bill page but in staid called me a wingnut for not just accepting what he posted. lol God I love online democrats. I suspect that 200G is just another proposal that congress was thinking about. They actually have several ideas on how to pay for this crap bill.

    Right now the most current that I've heard about is having company's and self employed pay the bigger part of it. Company's already offering private insurance will be taxed 6%-7% and company's not offering private insurance will be taxed 8%. People employed will get insurance via their company. Which means if your company offers private and public health care you will have a different paycheck cut depending on which you choose.

    People looking to buy a plan with national healthcare will be expected to pay out of their pockets similar to private insurance.

    As proposed, the maximum monthly Health Care for America premium would be $70 for an individual, $140 for a couple, $130 for a single-parent family, and $200 for all other families. For those enrolled in the plan at their place of work, anyone whose income was below 200% of the poverty level (about $10,000 for an individual and $20,000 for a family of four ) would pay no additional premiums. The plan would also offer extensive, but so far unspecified, assistance to enrollees to help them afford coverage. Health Care for America coverage would be continuous and guaranteed. Once enrolled, individuals or families would remain covered unless they become covered by a qualified private insurance plan through their employer.

    That makes more sense then charging just the people making over 200G a year lol.

    Another thing to point out that many are overlooking. On page 167 of the bill it mentions that if you don't have insurance either with the government or with a private insurance company you will be taxed 2.5% of your annual income. So when Obama says everyone will have insurance he's not kidding lol. Get it or we tax your lights out bitch!

  2. I watched a few of the videos but couldn't find a clear definitive answer to this question I've been wondering. If I was to keep my current insurance that my company pays for via my pay check, would I still have to pay for this health care reform (aka. national health care) via taxes? A few of the videos tippy toed around this question. I could see this being good if you have the lowest insurance possible that doesn't cover enough stuff but for someone like me who has next to the highest thanks to my company, it would be extremely stupid to be paying for two insurances at the same time when I'll only be using one.

    This also brings up the issue of monopolies. If people jump on the government run health care system, which most will, then what's stopping the government from dominating the market and killing all competition? At some point the Government will have complete control over your health care there's no question about that. Giving the government to much power is a bad thing no matter how much you look at it, even if this is meant for good and even if they keep claiming they wont do anything bad.

  3. That chapter felt long and full of win but like everyone else said....venus fly trap guy popping up and giving away Sasuke being there was weird. Seems like either Sasuke planned that or Mandara is trying to set him up.

    lol Seems like everyone's stolen an eye in this series so far. All we need now is Naruto to have 3 eyes from each clan added to his head. Then he can become the all seeing all powerful god of the ninja world XD.

  4. reading any bill is tedious -_-; the language is old skool, other laws are referenced throughout etc.

    The read the bills campaign is a good idea as many members of congress only read the shit that is under 100 pages thus railroading the persons they are elected to represent out of lazy ignorance. I don't agree w every position Downsize DC takes but I like to know what both sides of the isle are saying; most mainstream media is slanted one way or another so if ya wanna know everything you have to listen to both sides.

    The primary reason for this thread is what is going on at these town halls. Fake grassroots groups inflaming ignorant people and encouraging mob behavior. Shouting down reps so there can be NO discussion is not helping. Truths cannot be told, fence sitters don't get the info they need to make an intelligent and informed decision. Such behaviors interfere with freedom of assembly, they've been turning violent.

    With all the nuttery going on as of late I am concerned someone will end up dead at one of these meetings making further meetings a bad idea. When properly educating and informing ppl becomes a bad idea we get a repeat of the Bush years. We voted out the racist/bigot party out of the majority and they're pissed. Too fucking bad. If they weren't obsolete and stuck in the dark ages they wouldn't be a ever shrinking minority.

    YouTube - Wayne's World We Fear Change

    I agree, the town hall riots are out of line but this isn't anything new. People act this way regardless of which side of the political fence their on because they fell their getting ignored. The only thing you can do to combat it is give them an equal opportunity to speak and tear gas em :P.

  5. have you joined downsize dc's Read the Bills campaign? Its just what it sounds like. http://www.downsizedc.org/

    still dunno what post yer talkin about but ya can rest assured if I want to silence someone I just ban them :P

    No nor would I join it. I'm only voicing my opinion on the matter which everyone on both sides seem to be doing.

    Again most of these people posting "Q&A" type things are going by what others have said or what they've heard or what they've read from the first 20 pages of the bill. The bill itself isn't as black and white as they make it seem. Do a search for it on google and open up the 1000+ page bill and try and read it. It's enough to give you a head ache from all the contradiction they have it in.

  6. *one of my threads? I think I moved one to a diff form a few days ago.... is that it? I haven't deleted any of my threads.... Which ya talkin bout?*

    The media is playing a huge role in all of this as is the way these stories are covered. They did it with Bush they're doing it w Obama and they will do it as long as people with opinions exist. The politicians, meh ........ Again we're dealing w/ news coverage cuz lets be honest and how often do you watch the senate channel? I watch it myself when a bill I give a fuck about is being discussed so that I may see and hear different senators arguments for or against. I prefer to chose who to love or hate based on how they reach me as an intelligent person.

    slippers concerns about a gun at one of these open to the public meetings is a genuine concern we should all share. This country has seen some fucked up shooting bullshit going on lately. We all can name 3 off the top of our heads and the first one was a straight up assassination by a religious nutter; you know I'm talking about Tiller. Then more nutters even buying shit from previous nutters places killing some more folks. I'm extremely worried "going postal" is a fad that more ppl are going to participate in, willingly or not.


    The bottom line is people are fuckin scared yo. They don't really have a reason to be cuz nothin super (Bush pissed on our rights and the law)bad is going on (personally I think this admin has taken its shit WAY too lightly but whatever...) nobody is going to die or be destroyed because Obama is our president. Unfortunately these people are stuck in a morality lag. They don't think everyone should drink from the same fountain. Subconsciously or not its narcissistic behavior and when you combine that with other disorders (like delusional disorders that lead to killing/enslaving people) you get nutters.

    no idea what happened to the post you started. It's gone. Searching for my name doesnt even pull it up.

    The bottom line isn't just that people are scared of what could be inside the bill (although they should be since Obama is acting as the people's champ similar to how Bush did on his first year in office). They're also scared of what the repructions might be for people that already have health care through a company or that have paid for out of their own pocket. There's loads of information packed in the bill that no one has covered on the news or even read. Loads of minor details that could cause great problems for the nation later on down the road if congress doesn't take this shit seriously. Bills like this that effect the nation really need to be looked at with a fine tooth comb. I almost wish they forced each member of congress to take 30 or so chapters and read it at home then come in and discuss what they read with the other members. Sure it would take a long time but at least our money would be going to good use in staid of them just signing anything and everything that will please their party.

  7. Since we're talking about sheep look at the democrats rushing to their blogs and forums posting how crazy anyone is for not accepting the health reform bill calling them wingnuts or leftwings..etc. I think both sides are way out of line and equally at fault for what's been going on. More so the media though. One station will say one thing that appeals to democrats then another will say something that appeals to republicans and then we have this huge cluster fuck over who's right. The simple fact is no one, not even congress, has sat down and read the bill from front to back. So it's understandable that people are voicing their opinions so strongly. They simply don't want to run into another patriot act like situation we're congress just signs a bill in.

    PS. What happened to your last thread that I posted in? It magically disappeared :(. You wouldn't be trying to muffle the voice of reason would you ;) lol j/k.

  8. why?

    hughes was exposed 20 epiosdes in the last one so i can understand how it's sad to see him go but this one he barely appears like 2 episodes that you aren't even gonna care if he dies or not unless you don't like him. they tried to cram his personality all at once in a few episodes that not only was he annoying but he seemed to appear a bit creepy/perverted when it came to love for any children.

    I agree with you. That's why I commented on how the whole beginning was utter crap. The funny thing is all the manga readers on MAL have been swearing by how perfect the anime has followed the manga so far and how great it is that they're not adding any "fillers". Apparently all those episodes we had in the first season that built up Hughes's character where fillers. I think that's why I liked the first season more, the fillers actually added to the story and made it more clear. The beginning of this series and the manga is just a rushed cluster fuck that feels like one big summary (which it basically is).

  9. ^ agreed about the initial episodes being a bit un-interesting ... I still think it's a big "EEEHHH" (part because of high expectations I guess) because I don't like the animation or the music, both factors that I loved in the older series. Guess, I'll wait and see ...

    The second OP isn't too bad. The ED still sucks though.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdWEDiGqFDE]YouTube - Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood opening 2 hologram full[/ame]

  10. That guy is such a smug bastard. I cant take anything he says seriously even if it is bashing both sides of the political bandwagon. Him and O'reilly should get married and have an independent baby that shouts crap non stop lol.

    As for the bill....It's crap. Just because a system is broke doesn't mean you start over and risk fucking up a nation. No, you fix the parts that are broke and you make it reasonable enough where if something does go wrong the nation doesn't pay for it. The bill is over 1000 pages long and has loads of crap tied into it that have nothing to do with national heath care. This is exactly like how the patriot act was passed. The congress where pushed to just pass the bill without reading the fine print and of course at the time people urged their congressmen to pass anything that would win us the fight on terror and support people in need of help due to hurricanes. Once again we're in the situation where the majority is pro Obama, pro democrat, and looking for some financial security. They forget that bills like this should be looked through with a fine toothed comb. They're not black and white.

    So do I support national Health care? No. Do I think the system needs to be fixed? Hell yes.

  11. I liked this chapter just because Sai emotionally bitch slapped Sakura. X'D

    Naruto and Sakura need to stop their Sasuke infatuation. Maybe if Sakura will stop fascinating over Sasuke, she'll let Naruto off the hook for 'their promise' and he'll finally say.. "about god damn time, that fucking Sasuke has consumed my life for the past 3 years, fuck him!"

    I doubt that tho. X'D

    I bet Danzo is in league with the Iron nation which is why the guy suggested Danzo as the alliance leader. That would be pretty stupid, but I bet they'll make him the leader just because hes a new hokage that doesn't have current issues with the other kages and konoha has the most information about Madara and Sasuke.

    Ah ya I forgot about the Sai Sakura talk. That was pretty funny. I wonder if she will now start dropping hints to Naruto that she likes him.

    Sakura: Naruto lets just forget about Sasuke.

    Naruto: I'm sorry I cant do that Sakura-chan. Sasuke is my friend.

    Sakura: Naruto haven't you done enough? We've spent xx number of years searching for him.

    Naruto: Sakura-chan how can you say that! Didn't we promise we would bring Sasuke back and rape him together?

    Sakura: Don't you see, I love you Naruto!

    Naruto:....I'm sorry Sakura-chan.....I love......Sasuke.

    Hinata: *starts crying while hiding behind a building*

  12. this chapter was pretty interesting but didn't really cover anything we didn't already know. Right now Danzo is apparently assuming they will appoint him as the "Alliance leader" but I have a feeling Naruto will show up, have some random fight, and then be appointed as the leader.

    Then the final battle will probably be Naruto and the remaining Alliance vs Danzo and Mandara. Unless there's a twist and Danzo turns out to be a good guy lol....doubtful though.

  13. I read some stuff about AR a while ago and thought it was pretty interesting, but the only video I had to associate it with was this one:

    I then thought that AR's sole future was for hentai bastards and never looked into it again. -_-

    Thank you for making this topic and showing me that people are actually using it for other purposes. :goodjob:

    Someone hide this from Godgrave! haha.

  14. AR looks like fun and it could be useful for med/military applications :bingo:

    They're already using it in Boston hospitals for laser surgery on extremely hard operations. There's a wide range of Iphone apps that use AR that haven't come out yet (twitter finder, map locater, reviews on stores..etc). I cant wait for it in practical use!

  15. Did you just invest in this gokuDX7? Im just curious. I just get the impression that you're trying to defend/promote it like you have some personal stake in it.

    as for computer parts.. they've been on the fall for years now. (Which is why I lost my job.) We've reached a point where people don't actually need too much raw power for their home machines. Most people could get by with a netbook...

    Na, but I probably will if I start to see this become popular once it goes public. I'm not really defending it per say. If it ends up sucking then I'll be the first to say it ;). I just like the idea and support it right now. If they can keep the service free I'm all for it. If not then I'll probably never use it.

  16. didnt Itachi give naruto some of his power? if so it hasn't shown up yet, be cool if it was a sharingan ;p

    I have a feeling he gave him the ability to seal Sasuke's eye jitsu so he doesn't fall under the influence of it. Itachi probably knew what Sasuke would do ahead of time and figured Naruto would be the only one in the end to save him from himself. It's either that or he gave him the ability to kill an Uchiha which I wouldn't doubt.

    So far their setting up for a Naruto fight in front of the Kage conference. I still think Naruto will save the day and gain acceptance by all the Kage's in the end.

    PS. wtf was up with the random screen shot of the Samurai in the north lol?