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  1. We don't actually know what's beyond Soul Society [ame=http://forums.ancientclan.com/member.php?u=474]Ancient Clan Forums - View Profile: Kuwabara@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: Kuwabara</title>@@AMEPARAM@@Kuwabara[/ame]. There could be a single king or there could be a whole other realm similar to Soul Society. All we know is Aizen wants the key that supposedly opens something beyond SS. Aizen's motivation for getting the key is somewhat of a mystery. He was a king in hucomundo, he has enough power to destroy almost anyone in SS, he could kill a human in a second...being a king isn't really anything that would benefit him. I'd say he just wants to kill everyone and reform the 3 levels to his liking.

  2. Madara's plans are flawed IMO... Byakugan can see through Genjutsu... So After he does his whole moon eye thing and expends all the tailed Beasts Chakra's the Hyuga Clan could insta own him. Just a thought...

    As far as plot goes, Orochimaru is the main bad guy and still is in my opinion... But Madara is either a genius or an idiot, he has no forces besides the tailed beast how does he plan on waging war against the villages? Unless conflict helps feed the tailed beasts powers.

    I'm still thinking his "lack of strength" is because his other half is the beasts that he's trying to collect. He's already mentioned that he can use the beasts that he already has so it would make sense that they where originally part of his body. Again, the first hokage had the power to control them, Madara mentions that the first left him weak...it all makes sense.

    As for Orochimaru...he's dead. He's not coming back. The closest thing we'll see is Kabuto's mutated body using Orochimaru's messed up cells to perform weird ass jitsu. In the end Kabuto might help Naruto.

  3. i missed a chunk of bleach, why is aizen so powerful, what's his motivation, and what the hell does he want?

    Q) Why is aizen so powerful?

    A) It's never explained.

    Q) What's his motivation?

    A) To get the kings key...which we have no idea what it really does.

    Q) What the hell does he want?

    A) Apparently to destroy Soul society, the living realm, and Huco mundo.

    The overall plot is stupid. This arc has been nothing but a DBZ like power show.

  4. When Madara started talking to all the kages, I expected Madara to instantly mangeko or ameratsu all them all at once as soon as they all looked at his face at the same time. wtf. He could have just owned all of them if he wanted to. And how stupid are all the kages to look a monsterously powerful sharingan user in the eye to listen to him talk. wtf.

    I'm glad he finally explained everything about his overall goals, but it still doesn't make sense to me as to why he'd tell all the kages. And how does Madara expect to fight a world war against all the nations with 7 bijus? He tried this a couple of times in the past against konoha and was defeated both times against the current kages of the village. Maybe he thinks that since he has 5 or 6 more bijus it'll make such a difference that he can take on all villages at once? An attack strategy like that will only work if he goes after each village one at a time. And if hes smart he'll take out all the villages right now while all the kages are out of their villages. Think about it, he could just warp himself and 5 bijus to the sand village right now, destroy it in about 10 minutes, warp to another village, repeat, so on.. all while the kages are riding horse carriages or running back to their villages.

    btw, I bet the writer is leaving the Kabuto/Orochimaru plot line open because once the main Madara/akatsuki plot is over and the series should end.. he'll keep the series going with an Orochimaru (with resurrected sound village) plot to take over the remains of the 4th ninja world war and become the dictator of the world.

    This feels like the typical "bad guy ends up being good guy that just wants to unite world in the end" story. Madara doesn't seem like he's the true bad guy in this for some reason. I mean he's had countless times to kill everyone but he hasn't. In staid he's been trying to unite them one way or another into fighting him or fighting Sasuke.

    Another thing that's bothering me is all this eye talk and we still have not seen the hyuuga clan for a looong time. hinata and her servant protector where the only two from the clan that we've seen. I'm hoping they play a larger role in this.

  5. ya I think Disney is gonna pull a Cartoon network and start airing kick ass shows they just acquired on the after school time block. I think if they did that their viewer base would expand like crazy. Cartoon Network had a good thing going for them with toonami and adult swim, it's just too bad their show manager is a fan of shit now. I had high hopes for Scifi but it looks like they're just jerking around and playing the field. They need some serious guidance before they run that channel into the ground even more then they have already.

  6. That army for hire story has to be a cover story. Even when Pain explained it to the full group of akatsuki at the time it seemed lame.

    It sounded like Madara was going to use Pain to control all the tailed beast's combined power at some point for some purpose, but now that he's dead he has to get someone else to be a sacrificial puppet to control that power... but obviously it would be stupid of him to choose Sasuke for that role, seeing as Sasuke turned on Orochimaru and everyone else so far.

    Ya, either that or the beasts make up Madara's second half. At some point they did mention the beasts where created or summoned by Mandara and that the first Hokage could control them to some extent. I'm guessing the reason why Mandara seems pretty weak right now is because half of his power is missing (ie. the beastsare made out of pure chakra...his chakra).

    Knowing that the first Hokage could control the beasts and that the beasts may have been apart of Mandara's power, it kind of makes things interesting. I guess the real question is what would Mandara do once he got his full power back? Destroying the leaf or even the world sounds stupid and cliche.

  7. With what Madara said, wouldn't it now make sense that the story should be revolving around Madara vs. Yamato as they are the true epitome of the blood duel Madara was just talking about... and look, they're both right there and Yamato is even using a wood jutsu on Madara at that exact moment... but nooo... we must somehow tie this new plotline into something about Naruto and Sasuke.

    Ya I found that kind of funny as well. Ultimately the only similarity that Naruto and Sasuke have to the First and Mandara is that one belives in his heart (Naruto) and the other believes in power and hatred (Sasuke).

    The story is still going for the obvious Sasuke kills Danzo and everyone that manipulated Itachi direction.

    I'm actually more curious as to what the spirit beasts are for and if they're linked to the "brother" that specialized in spirit. If the beasts play no role in the final outcome of the story I'll be a bit pissed since the whole story revolved around them.

  8. Something doesn't add up. Why would Sasuke attack directly against a kage and his two body guards knowing full well he wouldn't be able to handle him? Something tells me this is one big jitsu like what him and his brother where doing back and forth. If it isn't then Sasuke has gotten really dumb in these past few months.

  9. Is that an actual spoiler or a fan-fake? :P

    Maybe he'd master a move like that thanks to Itachi's power boost? O_O

    Looks like a fan fake slice and paste. The first slide has someones signature at the bottom with 08 (the year it was made?) after it lol.

  10. as far as people sueing doctors, in some cases it actually is Warranted (i've seen cases where they were operating on someone and left shit in the body which caused massive complications later on)

    That's true but it's been increasing dramatically over the past few years right along with poverty and unemployment. Most cases of malpractice are, in fact, false claims. I have a friend who's been interning at a doctors office for the past two summers. He's seen some real nut jobs come in demanding money or calming they where raped. What's sad is the doctors in the city next to me actually offer their services to the poor but because of the increase in false malpractice claims they've been starting to turn down the people that cant pay.

  11. I just gotta ask... What kind of health coverage do you currently have now?

    Over the past 2 years alone my prescription out of pocket costs have doubled, my insurance premiums have gone up about 25% but has increased out of pocket expenses by about 50%. Two to three years ago, we were issued a memo about how we were denied raises for the year due to increasing health coverage costs... Maybe your employer or state has a better insurance provider than the rest of the nation? As it is, I have no cancer coverage at all, thats a separate plan that'll cost me even more money and not give me 100% coverage.

    I think something needs to be done with the health industry in the US. Doctors are overpaid, tests are overpriced and we have such great medical care now in the US because the entire nation is paying out its ass for it. There has to be some kind of middle ground. As it is now, if I need a major surgery, I'll probably fly to India to get it done because it'll be cheaper, even with the costs of hotel rooms and plane tickets.

    I haven't read this bill. I've glanced at it. Its wrote like the bible. Its all political bullshit. Senators don't want to vote on it because they'll loose huge contributions to their campaigns, other senators aren't in the pockets of the insurance companies. Its all a bunch of bullshit with so much money floating around to battle this bill on both sides that if all those companies put that money into the system instead of battling it, we'd probably have a health care system that works.

    I've got what you would consider median to high coverage since I didn't want them yanking 280+ from my paycheck for the highest level. I haven't seen any increase in premiums or med costs...but then again if I ever need meds I always get the generic kind. I suppose people with cancer or other serious illnesses may not have a generic alternative. This really isn't the insurance company's fault though. This is more of a patten flaw that America has where if a pharmaceutical company comes up with something they immediately patent it and force people to pay asinine amounts of money to have it. National Health care would run into this flaw as well unless the government says fuck you to the law.

    The major problem isn't so much that doctors get payed a lot. It's that people looking for easy cash sue doctors for every little thing which causes doctors to get higher malpractice insurance and other related things to protect themselves. This is of course bad for the rest of us since we feel the increase and blame it on our insurance or doctors. If you cut all that BS out of there and increase jobs that supply insurance for their workers then you solve the bulk of the problem.

    I think if Obama wanted to fix the healthcare problem he wouldnt be trying to push goverment run health on everyone but instaid forcing all company's to offer at least basic insurance for their coworkers. Then force states into coming up with their own health plan that non-employed or self employed people could get for a decent price. There are so many diffrent ways to fix the problem that dont involve a goverment run health system.

  12. I believe they called that medicare, another system the government put into place back in the late 60s early 70s that was railed at by republicans and all the nutjobs out there said would end up putting the govt more in control of your life. Personally, i think Obama needs to grow a pair and instead of just bringing it in to debate about it, pass it through w/o any support from the right. The morons in the town hall meetings that are shouting their heads off in a few years if someone tried taking away this coverage would rail against them too.

    You keep saying read the bill. But I dont see anything malevolent in there. So imo let it pass. and let it do the good that it's going to.

    It's not Medicare. Medicare is nation wide and run by the government not the state. State run medical help like NH has is total different and not every state has one. It's also voted on by the people in the state not the government.

    There's plenty of malevolent stuff in there. ramble ramble ramble lol

    Look at all the stuff related to private health care. In interviews Obama and staff claim it wont effect private run health care but in the bill it's plainly obvious it will. Company's will be taxed for offering public heath (national health care) there's no way out of it. If they want to continue offering private health care they still have to pay for it out of their pockets or your pay checks. In this economy It's redundant to pay for two when you can have one that would cover most things a person would need so obviously company's will ditch private over public. The bill will kill private health care and form a government run monopoly which is very bad. As this is happening waiting times will increase like in Canada, only worse since thousands of people that hold off on going to the doctors will start going within the year this passes. People in need of major things done will be forced to wait unless it's life threatening.

  13. This is an interesting documentary of America vs Canada's health care through the eyes of people and doctors from both sides.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARxjQ3IRqvg]YouTube - Comparing Canadian and American Health Care[/ame]

    So basically the poor or unemployed in America want national health care similar to Canada because the government "covers" it and Canadians want a health care where their wait times are as fast and responsive as Americans (ie. they wouldn't mind spending a little extra to cut in lines). It's to bad you cant just merge both systems together. If you did that though it would end up costing people way more and then there would also be the people complaining that their wait times are increasing due to people paying to cut..etc :(.

    Thank god most states have free health care you can get if your unemployed or dirt poor in the US. NH has a system that my dad was on for a while before he started making money again. If your making under 2 grand a month regardless of your status you can get state driven health care for free. The catch is they have to assess your earnings every month and when you or your significant other start making over 2g they cut you from the system. This system is clearly only for single people that are shit out of luck and have no where to turn.

  14. They are all $300 effective yesterday. This includes the 120GB Slim. If your gonna buy a PS3 your better off waiting till the slim is out.

    I still have no plans on buying one though.