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  1. Danzo mentions in an earlier chapter that Oroch~ did some experiments on him. I'm pretty sure Oroch~ did this for Danzo as either a favor, possibly in exchange for leaving a few Uchiha alive or simply out of curiosity likes he's done since the beginning. I also belive Oroch~ did something so Danzo could get around the fatigue of using the eyes.

  2. I'm thinking about building a new rig after Christmas for work and for gaming. I'm no longer a "power gamer" but I do want something that's gonna last me. I was thinking maybe an nVidia 9800 since they're semi-cheap right now and bound to get cheaper after Christmas. If the 9800 is a good choice which version should I go with? The GT 1GB or the GTX+ 512mb version? I'm open for opinions on other cards as long as they're not too expensive.

  3. Nintendo actually has plans to release a new system soon. It's been hush hush but it's coming down the pip.

    Sony has made a claim that they wont make a new console for another 5 years. They feel the PS3 has more then enough power for future use. In fact programmers haven't even touched half of it's potential since the coding for is tricky.

    MS really hasn't said much about their future plans. I'd suspect a new console to come out in a year or two from them, but then again they've been doing good just upgrading specific hardware elements and pushing out "new versions" of the 360.

    Personally I'd go with the 360 simply because of the shear number of games out for it and because the majority of my friends are on it already. If the PS3 had games that appealed to me then I'd probably get one. Blue ray is not all that attractive to me either.

  4. I didn't notice that! You probably just called it. :P If he can fuse with that sword, I don't see why he would need his entire body. Besides, the sword has so much absorbed chakra in it right now it could probably revive the dead just like it already healed Kisame from a fatal wound.

    The sword does heal whoever it feels should be the owner. So even if Kisame really did get his head cut off, there's still the small chance that the sword will just bring him back, like you mentioned. The way he "died" just seemed way to fast to be true. Almost every death in this series has been long and drawn out.

  5. well suiton daikoudan = water substitution so I'm guessing he's still alive. But then again who knows. His sword looked like it was eating his head when Bee's friend rushed over to see what the noise was. It could also be another "fusion" with the sword.

  6. No idea how he's gonna fight without looking at the clone.

    And ya, there's no doubt that he got a major level up. The thing I find interesting is he cant use his mask now. Is it due to his power being only half there or is it simply because his hollow half is pissed and doesn't want to help him now? I think that's gonna play a role in a future chapter. He'll go to pull his mask again and it wont show up causing him to get his ass handed to him for a chapter or two. Then something will happen and cause him to have another transformation.

    I'm still hoping he'll be fully consumed by his hollow half. It's been way to long since we've seen him.

  7. I think the fight is pretty stupid. Kisame looked like a street shark lol.


    I'm not really sure what will happen next but it looks like Bee's gonna kill Kisame, at the very least win. Not sure if Bee will pick up the sword and use it or not though.

  8. So Ichigo was never exposed to Aizen's sword hypnosis move before? And Ichigo can fight Aizen as long as he doesn't get affected by his sword's ability? Which means that Ichigo has to fight Aizen with a blindfold on, because just looking in Aizen's general direction is all Aizen really needs to affect people? :confused:

    I believe it's the sword, not himself. His swords "clone" appearance is noticeably different. If Ichigo see's the sword clone then apparently he's lost but since he hasn't already he's still good to go. It's kind of like how in Naruto you cant look at the eyes of Itachi or Sasuke :P.

  9. Droid has a 5 mega pixel camera and video recorder. The pictures are decent but not as amazing as if you where using a real camera.

    PS. the native exchange support costs $45 so if your planning to get any smart phone from verizon just for exchange support, be prepared to pay $45 a month added to whatever you plan is.

    On an off note the battery life is surprisingly good compared to my old shit phone that I had for 5 years. The Droid only used 60% of the battery yesterday after 21 hours and 17 mins. Today it only used 30% after 19 hours. I havent been doing anything crazy with the phone so that's probably why. Just using twitter, facebook, phone, and a few games here and there. Setting the screen dim to low saves so much of the batter.

  10. HTC is using Android 1.5 right? 2.0 is way faster upgrade when and if you can. I was testing out the HTC Droid Eris and could notice the difference since that runs on 1.5. I'm sad that ahome theme engine doesn't work on android 2.0 :(. I keep getting a program error.

  11. Thing is amazing. I was honestly expecting it to fall short when comparing it to an iPhone but I can honestly say this thing is on equal ground. It has far more options to customize just about everything. You can literally make it look like the iphone if you wanted too. I think the only draw back is that Verizon had Google disable pinch zoom for the default apps. I suppose Apple's paten on touch screen zoom is just vague enough to scare Verizon :(. The up side is since the OS (android) is open source, anyone can just download the multi touch version, compile it, and install it on the phone or just wait till programmers release multi touch versions of the web browser to android market :P.

    Regardless, if anyone is thinking about getting a smart phone this year definitely check out the Droid.

    Oh and it's far cheaper if your on a family plan. A single plan costs about $100 a month before hidden fees. Family (depending on what package you have) costs around $80 before hidden fees. It's unlimited web and email though so the price is pretty good. You could watch youtube all day if you wanted too :P.

  12. there has to be some way we can push the net into civil liberties/ free speech press territory to save it. its the only place an average person's voice can compete with industry and lobbyists. yet another instance where law school would have been helpful.

    That's basically what the FCC is trying to do. Instaid of there being this gray area where ISP's dont know what they can and cant do, the FCC wants to have it written as a law that the internet, for the most part, stays as it is and has been. This is why ISP's are going nuts. They fear that by making this a law it would force them to spend money in making their infrastructure better. They don't want to spend money just to give users faster speeds. They would much rather throttle you to death and split Internet use up into packages or "pay as you go" (which died in the AOL days). They want to step back in time instaid of progressing into the future.

    I've been following this for many years. Its only now that I get frustrated that stupid people like McCain and Fox start causing confusion. I sense some lobbying going on.

    @Godgrave - ya I saw that on digg today too. That article is right on the money for me when it comes to movies. I tend to go to the movie theater A LOT. If I like a movie I buy it on DVD. If I hear a movie is bad I skip it in the theater but watch it online. If I end up liking it I'll buy it, if not it's trash.

  13. I think there was a report on BBC this past week that said something like if you're in the UK, the UK internet control officials have been given the power to disconnect internet access if they discover you're either pirating or helping the cause by being a seeder or a leecher.

    Ya because the RIAA and MPAA (both American organizations) gave the UK court system enough money to push this BS through. They've been doing this everywhere and it's sad that the court system and goverment can be bought off so easily. Look at the Swedish government! They shut the Pirate Bay down even with lack of information. If that doesn't tell you something about what's going on then I dont know what will. Fortunately for the US we have the FCC who regulates this BS just in case. Sure the FCC is bad in most cases but right now they're the only good guy with power that we have....well Obama supports Net Neutrality I just hope he knows what it is.

    As for Fox, they make Republicans look horrible. I'm Republican and I cant even listen to this bullshit anymore. What I've noticed though is older people eat that shit right up. The whole reason I made this forum post was because my dad came over to me and tried to tell me how bad Net Neutrality was after hearing Fox news. I then explained what it was and he's like "No you've got it backwards" then I laughed and sent him a few videos and articles explaining what it is. Needless to say he's confused about why Fox would lie to him and why McCain seems to support it yet his Bill is going to destroy it :P.

  14. For the third time I've heard them try and push their viewers to fight against Net Neutrality without even explaining what it is to their uneducated viewers. They claim Net Neutrality is bad because it allows ISPs, company's, and the government control over your Internet. The reality of it is Fox has it backwards. Like the name implies Net Neutrality is the act of keeping the net free and unregulated like it has been since it was created. Every since Senator McCain proposed his backwards ass "Internet Freedom Act." bill to congress, Fox News and other media outlets have been pushing this uneducated babble that Net Neutrality and the FCC are bad LOL.

    Here's some videos for those that are still confused

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWt0XUocViE]YouTube - Save the Internet![/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9jHOn0EW8U]YouTube - Net Neutrality[/ame]

    The reason this is blowing up so big now is because ISP's have been throttling and prioritizing web traffic, specifically bittorrent, and getting attacked by the FCC because of it. ISPs are complaining that the FCC hasnt given a fine line on what they can and cant do so they go a head with such practices of prioritizing certain program protocols on the Internet (ex. VoIP phones). So the FCC has stepped up and will be making that fine line clear so ISPs wont have any more excuses on what they can and cant do. The FCC will not be taking away our freedom or give ISPs the power to prioritize programs. They're fighting for us yet the media has it all backwards.

  15. I know a few people that have had swin flu. There's really nothing to be worried about, it's a common Influenza flu virus that, if taken care of, will go away after a week or more. Obama is going over board when calling this particular strand of flu an epidemic. There are much worse things out there killing people then this. Not to mention this is flu season, people do get the flu :/.

    PS. If you where born in the 50's and 60's your most likely immune or better protected against H1N1 and other influenza viruses. The reason being, there was a past epidemic and many of you where exposed to. Your body ended up making a natural immunity against it. You can learn more here [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlDjDAFW1Ck]YouTube - Swine Flu Vaccine: Will We Have A Choice?[/ame]

  16. Interesting theory on the first part... I'm still curious as to how he is still alive? He should be over a hundred years old now. And the first stripped him of his power so how in the world is he still alive...

    Eh... Orochimaru was never killed, just sealed, and from what I learned about Naruto the series, nothing is forbidden or forever.

    Oro was sealed in Sasuke which he was then later released as a snake when Sasuke was fighting Itachi. Itachi killed him in a second. The mangaka does a horrible job at making deaths clear. I still have hope that J is alive XD.

    Kabuto has Oro's cells in him and not his soul/brain/personality..etc. The next time we see Kabuto he will still be Kabuto....just a really fucked up looking Kabuto.