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  1. I doubt anything will change. A Terrorist Cell may follow under the belief of their creator but they are self sufficient and will continue to function even if their creator dies. We have to remember that Osama has been on the run for years. I doubt he had time to sit there and make any type of plans for his followers after the 911 attacks. That's mainly why all the terrorist attacks we've seen within the past few years have been relatively small or failed attempts. O well, we can only wish that things will become safer for everyone in the world though.

  2. A little late...better late then never though :D.

    1) Get out more.

    2) Meet new peeps.

    3) Stop worrying so much about finding a steady g/f.

    4) Finish the list of unfinished projects I've been making for years (ie. portfolio website, cleaning out some of the rooms in the house, get a new computer..etc

    So far so good. I've been keeping very active (thus the invectiveness of me on here lately). Still working on keeping it a normal trend though haha.

  3. If you are just referring to say a personal god then, okay. But what proof do you have that this personal god exist?

    And a problem being this personal god isn't really personal, but in most cases a God belonging to a major religion such as Christianity.

    So when someone goes & says their personal god is the Christian god & the bible is proof of the Christian god then there tend to be major differences between the two. Or in other cases contradictions are written directly in the bible itself.

    Usually the Christian god is labeled as this omnipotent, omniscient, all loving being thwarted by the devil who is a lesser being that he created.

    First contradiction is an omnipotent being can't be thwarted by a lesser being. If they in fact can be then said omnipotent being isn't omnipotent.

    Second contradiction an omniscient being not having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight can't be omniscient. And usually the Christian god turns out not to be as such in the bible. Although he will still be labeled as omniscient.

    Third contradiction more people in the bible have been killed in the name of god than the devil. In no shape or form can this be considered all loving.

    Furthermore an omnipotent, omniscient, all loving being wouldn't create the devil, hell, or an excuse not to save someone from said creations despite creating them.


    Beyond that I'm pretty sure atheists are people too. And can only hope you weren't implying that any atheists here are crap.


    As for as people being safe behind a monitor on the internet goes being bad... I don't see how that is. Its may be the only place they can.

    Being openly atheist in an uptight religous family could see atheist shunned by said family.

    Being openly atheist in an uptight religous community could cause said atheist to have to leave town.

    And being openly atheist in an uptight religous country will most likely get said atheist killed.

    This right here is what I'm talking about. You don't even know what I believe and you are already trying to persuade me to believe something. Your last post also questioned me in a similar manner. I couldn't care less if a God or Gods where omnipotent nor should anyone else. What you believe in should stay between you and other like minded people. Sure, there's a time and place to try and promote your religion or lack there of but when people specifically try and start conflicts over stupid things like this it only makes me wonder what went wrong with humanity. The newer generation of atheists in general annoy the living fuck out of me. Despite the claim of them being the minority in the US they are still the more prominent vocalists on subjects like this. I haven't seen a Jehovahs witness come to my door in years nor have I had a Christian verbally attack me in person or online over comments or jokes that I've made. Atheists on the other hand go ape shit lol.

  4. Can you please define this observation.

    What does it have to do with homophobia if at all.

    And what exactly are people so sensitive that has you offended.

    I'm referring to Dubird's first post (ie. people trying to push their Atheist beliefs on me).

    It doesnt have anything to do with homophobia. I was just pointing out another subject that is very similar to this whole Religious people vs Atheists crap. Everyone is sensitive about subjects like these and cant keep an open mind. You say one thing against what they think and you end up with a whole shit storm of apposition with wiki links and videos of "proof" that their right and your wrong. Seriously, do people really get their jollys off arguing over things like this?

    The sad thing is I only see this type of crap on the Internet where people are safe behind their monitors.

  5. I agree. I've been saying this for years and Atheists attack me not even knowing what I believe in simply because I call this observation into account. The same thing happens when anyone says anything about gay people. It always somehow turns into "You are such a homophobe". It pisses me off how sensitive people are about EVERYTHING now.

  6. Kl6cNSBg3Wg

    One of my favorite Zombie mangas (is there even any other Zombie managas lol?) is now being turned into an Anime! Looks like it's going to stay faithful to the unfinished manga too. If you're a fan of the original zombies that are dumb and just walk around then you'll love this series. The only thing I hope they do less of is the ecchi stuff. I'm all for a few pantie and boob shots per episode but the manga went overboard showing one in almost every box lol.

    The general synopsis of the series is this. A high school has a random Zombie outbreak and the show ends up focusing on a few of the high schooler survivors and the hardships they go through to survive. As they break out of the Zombie infested school and fight for survival, they try to gather as much info about the Zombie outbreak as they can. Soon finding out that it's no longer limited to just Japan.

  7. ya the white dots are infection or drip buildup. I have issues with my ears and nose dripping in my throat so I often get that "side throat wall with white dots" a few times every year. What helps me is putting some sea salt in warm water and gargling for 5-10 mins. They also sell some stuff that you can gargle that makes your throat feel nice and numb. It normally comes in an orange or green color. It basically kills everything in your mouth. If the white dots don't go away after a week or two then get to the doctors asap to get some better meds.

  8. Could also be Madara's dad. Would make more sense as to why Madara just accepted Kabuto's proposal without putting up a fight.

    And ya I think it's obvious Kabuto is setting Madara up. Either Kabuto wants to be the next bad guy or he's doing Naruto a big favor. I could see Kishimoto pulling another "He was on a secret mission that only 3 people knew about to uncover the evil underground ninja world and protect the leaf village." haha.

  9. That's because the Madara we see now is really Obito :D. BTW. my comment above was about last chapter. I was hoping Kabuto would summon Naruto's dad in the future. I wasn't talking about this chapter where he raised the new grave.

    But ya I agree, I think it may be Madara's original body. I guess the real question is why is this such a big deal to Madara to the point where he accepts Kabuto's proposal? If Madara has a new body and is living then why is his old body his handicap?

  10. It was a good chapter. If Kabuto has all of Oro's powers now, you'd think he'd be able to fully revive Orochimaru too.

    btw, who is the dead guy in the far left box? It isn't Hidan is it? I thought he would be immortal buried body parts. O_O

    I'm sure he summons him as an undead later on. If I remember correctly there's no known way to "revive" the dead (ie. give them a soul and freewill).

    I think it would be interesting to see Naruto fight his dad simply becuse he knows how to unseal the fox and reseal it and because we've never seen him in full battle mode....but I doubt that would ever happen lol.

  11. Ya Nej's whole clan has been missing for waaaay to long. Even in the village battle there was only Hinata and one other from the clan lol. All the others where mysteriously missing.

    As for this weeks chapter...it was pretty good. Kabito seems to have joined Madara....but I'm not sure if that's really true. Seems more like Kabito is gonna back stab him later on like Oro would have done if he was still alive. Was interesting to see him bring back the dead Akatsuki members. I wonder if Itachi is able to use his eyes even though Sasuke has them now haha.

  12. I guess it was a type-o in the last chapter when he says "You're a shinigami and a..". This chapter it was changed to "you're a human and a.." :(. So all that speculation we had about Ichigo's mom being a holo seems to have been for not. Ichigo is just gonna find out his dad was a shinigami captain :S. I was really looking forward to a weird twist with Ichigo's mom being a holo too :(.

    [ame=http://forums.ancientclan.com/member.php?u=474]Ancient Clan Forums - View Profile: Kuwabara@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: Kuwabara</title>@@AMEPARAM@@Kuwabara[/ame] - ya I'm not too sure what Aizen is thinking. Maybe he just wants to get his ass kicked?

  13. I think I may have done it once or twice in the heat of the moment. My parents never really spanked me. I know my mom used to try but I'd pull out the other wooden spanking spoon and chase after her with it so it ended up turning into a game in staid of punishment lol. My parents had better luck just putting me on a guilt trip anytime I did something bad (which wasn't often). When your young and you do something bad, hearing your mom or dad say "I'm very disappointed in you *name*" and ignoring you for a few hours really does the trick. I was a pretty clean cut kid thanks to my parents not over reacting or screaming at me over stupid stuff I did or accidentally said in the heat of the moment.

    You shouldn't overreact too much since chances are your kid has no idea what the words mean. Just explain that they're bad words and shouldn't be said.

  14. Kakshi can't be the bad guy, cos he was killed by Pain and it wouldn't make sense if Madara was Obito in your humor theory above! X'D

    I'd like to see Karin have a lil girl action with Sakura though. I bet she was revived when Sakura placed her chakra hands on her *cough* ... chest ...

    Has anything in this part of the series made sense Godgave? I lost all hope way back when Sasuke visited the random Uchiha city with the cat lady and her daughter. I'm still not giving up on Madara being Obito though. It would make perfect sense since Madara can control time space and so can Kakashi. Madara is missing and eye (like Obito) and Kakashi has the other. Sure it might not be the old Obito that Kakashi knew but I still have a strange feeling it's his body.

    I cant wait to see Kisame kill everyone though lol.

  15. Maybe it'll turn out that Ichigo's mother was actually the hidden king realm key in human form... and in actuality, Ichigo is now the living embodiment of the king's key (since he inherited the key life force from his mother) that Aizen needs all along, and the only way to activate the key is to have Ichigo realize his full power and actually cut a dimensional hole into the king's realm? And the only way Ichigo could obtain that power was by having a continuous never ending amount of power ups.. and then the final realization that Ichigo himself is nothing but a tool sends him over the edge, flips out, attacks Aizen, but accidentally opens the way for Aizen into the kings realm.... Then Ichigo goes on a personal vendetta to prove that he is more than a tool, or that he needs to redeem his actions by going after Aizen himself... and then we'll have a whole new kings realm arc of super saiyan proportions. :P

    Don't forget they introduce new characters along the way haha.

  16. I'd laugh if Kakashi was the bad guy in the end. Now that would be a crazy twist. Madara turns out to be Obito. Rin shows up out of no where and we find out all 3 of them have been planning to unite the world and eliminate all the crazy super powers (ie. beasts and eyes) haha. Doubtful but it would be so funny if it where true. People would be like KAKASHI IS BAD!!! BUT BUT BUT......NOOOOOOO *head explodes*.

    But ya I agree Sledg. It's bullshit that Kakashi's character is so crappy. At the start of the series they made him out to be the strongest badass in the village calling him the "copy ninja". All we've seen from him is like 3 bad ass moves. Why doesn't he use some of that crazy jitsu he's learned from copying people. It's such a pain in the ass to watch him suck so bad.

    I like how Karin notices Naruto's Kyubi has the same evil chakra as dum dum dum......MARADA! You know why? Because the beasts where apart of him from the beginning bitch.

  17. I'm under the impression that his dad is full shinijami and his mom an arakno-wat-cha-ma-call-it (hollow). I think Urahara helped Ichigo's dad and mom obtain physical human body's so they could live in the human world. If he didn't then it's gonna get even more confusing trying to explain how Ichigo's mom obtained a human body that people could actually see and not just a human transformation. I wonder if Ichigo's dad was exiled because he hooked up with a hollow.

    I like the twist even though I had a feeling something like this would pop up. It was either this or Ichigo's dad was from the king realm...which I was hoping for. The reason I say is was expected is because there's no way Ichigo got all his power from a single captain level shinijami. There had to be another explanation.

  18. I think its cheap that Kisame is still alive, we all know the Raikage should be second only to Naruto and Madara, look how easily he was stomping Sasuke. I just hope he doesn't get killed off nor does Killer Bee

    I don't think it was cheap at all. They made it plainly obvious that he didn't die when he called out his clone jitsu before Raikage and Bee knocked his head off then after showing Bee's friend with a shocked look on his face as Kisame's sword is doing something in the bushes (assuringly fusing with Kisame's head). That was far better then all the other "deaths" in the series where we're left guessing if the character really died or not. Kisame still has to fight Guy again.

    I agree about Naurto and Sasuke though. It's sad how Naruto still thinks he's weaker then Sasuke. It's also sad that Kakashi has apparently not evolved for the past year (in rl time). I would have thought he'd bust out a new attack by now or Kishimoto would tap into some of Kakashi's unanswered past. I can only hope they do that later when Madara reviles himself or something.