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  1. how do we change our moods now? It looks like you took that option to change them away.

  2. I still cant remove my mood lol. Its stuck on "yeehaw" haha.

  3. works now, weird though when you get a notification the mood bar is removed untill you view the notification....I wonder if thats a bug or if thats intentional.

  4. how do you change moods now? The feature seems to be gone.

  5. lol noob sauce

  6. :P sure you will.
  7. what happened to the theme? I clicked on the forum and now I have the inuyasha theme. I went to check if my options where changed but they where not. It still showed my theme of Vash. Whats going on :(

  8. hmm I changed it to something else in my user CP and then switched it back to Vash and it worked. Thanks.

  9. Sledg the shout box that plays sounds when you write stuff in it slows my browser down (Firefox 2 and 3) and sometimes freezes it.

  10. Lets hope that helps. I hate having to wait 2 mins for the site to unfreeze lol...