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  1. At work we have to test sites in all major browsers but of course FF3 is the most used . It's annoying when after an hour the computer stops responding for 40 seconds because firefox 3 has consumed all the ram > .
  2. +10 points haha
  3. The difference is Ichigo ended up getting a new power (ie. control over his inner hollow) where as Renji didn't get shit. He didnt even learn any new magic bullshit techneaks. PS. Renji wanted to save Rukia more then Renji? Do you mean Ichigo haha? Sorry that made me crack up in RL. I can just see Renji having split personalitys haha.
  4. A week ago they made public on the TV that this doesn't even come from pig.
  5. SCOTTY!!!!!!! <3. Best Star Trek movie to date. I was a bit disappointed there where no cling ons but it's understandable. I didn't think I would like this movie at all going into it but I'm actually surprised how amazing it turned out. I can only hope they keep this up with the next two movies.
  6. He probably used his eye(s) to jump to the future hahaha. Better yet he jumps to the time where Kakashi's best friend dies, steals his body then jumps to the present.
  7. I believe every opponent Ichigo's faced as been his "badass rival". Once he beats them they become his friend :S or simply die.
  8. In the later chapters mandara makes a comment about Itachi giving Sasuke his eyes. I can only guess that even though Sasuke didn't physically take Itachi's eyes, he still managed to inherit all of Itachi's power and whatever other powers a member of their clan would get from taking another's eyes. The fire move it what's actuly harming his eyes anyway. Everything else seems to work as apposed to before when it would slowly make his brother blind to just use basic shit. Orochimaru is dead. His soul and mind where consumed and destroyed. However parts of his body are still around, in Kabuto. Why Kabuto did what he did is beond me. In the last chapter we actualy got to see him, his body had clearly inharited Orochimaru's curse that the Hokaga did.
  9. Build a $500 computer http://digg.com/d1qNAF Just one of many articles on how to make a decent computer and not pay over $700.
  10. He's like 20 and Naruto was like 14 wasn't he? Bumblebee probably did the exam years ago. Either that or their village is on bad terms with the Leaf and just ignores the test.
  11. I don't think anyone here's even made that assumption on the forums that Naruto could absorb chakra from people lol.
  12. This movie was all types of bad. The only good part was the beginning. Everything after that was boring and painful to sit threw. How much more are they going to kill the X-men franchise?
  13. Chances are Sasuke would do it to one of Naruto's clones on accident like all the other enemy's in this series so far lol.
  14. Sasuke *something something fire jutsu*.... Naruto *something something water*. Not all water jutsu require the user to touch the water lol. He could fire water missiles at Sasuke while Sasuke is using lightning causing him to electricute himself. He could even use a hurricane to take on Sasuke while he was about to use lighting causing him to electricute himself... Theres many possibilitys where it can backfire on him . Naruto combines water with his resharigon thing while Sasuke combines lightning to it would be sweet too.
  15. rofl so apparently elemental powers don't require chakra now? Chapter 391 does indeed agree with what your saying Kuwabara. Sasuke says "this power source is lightning from the heavens its self". Itachi also mentions "in staid of using his own chakra for energy he's going to channel an enormous surge from the sky". How he can cause lightning to magically collect in his hand is beyond me though. Everything we've learned about elemental chakra up to the current chapter has taught us that it requires normal mind and body chakra to mold it into something useful. I can only assume Sasuke is the exception to the rule like Naruto right now. PS. Do we know if Naruto's second Element is water yet like his mom? If he does end up with it then Naruto is Sasuke's natural sheath. His wind can blow away the clouds that allow Sasuke to use his lightning storm and his water can put out Sasuke's fire . It would be sick if he created a hurricane or twisters like the title of the show (wind + water) .
  16. His weapon's length and bending are what cause him to go down in my books. While he's trying to direct his snake's head the enemy can get right up in his face in a mear matter of seconds. He doesnt speculize in anything but using his Snake so it gives him a huge disadvantage. I think the only opponents the snake has a complete advantage over are people like Yami (big and slow).
  17. My comment was in reference to the current chapters, not chapters from a year or two ago haha. I agree, if Naruto and Sasuke where to have fought again a year ago, I think the Mangaka would have come up with one kick as battle. Now everything is just blaaaa. PS. Elemental powers like wind, water, fire, electricity..etc all use Chakra. The only thing that doesnt so far is the frong's method of collecting natural energy by using concentration and stamina. I'm sure by now Sasuke has probably already come up with a method similar to Naruto's though. The mangaka wouldnt leave Sasuke short handed . He probably gave him a super large wang that generates Chakra 10x out of nowhere.
  18. Not to be insulting..Renji, in my opinion, is probably the one of the weakest characters in the show right now. His sword, when released, leaves him vulnerable not to mention it's less effective against almost every opponent he's faced so far. If he doesn't get a major upgrade soon I fear even Orahime would be better then him lol.
  19. Theres also the possibility that Pain may not have even been related to his "parents" that died. They could have just been care takers acting as parents. He wouldn't have known the difference. Naruto and Sasuke's fight will be a let down. It's almost a given at this point. The reason is obvious. The more power a character has, the less crazy the battle ends up being. Look at Sasuke and Itachi's "battle" for a refrence. Look at Kakashi's. And I'm still not sold on there even being a real fight between them.
  20. It's time for a 3 way win. You watch, Chad and Renji will put up a decent fight but then get beat down. Then Rukia will rape him and Chad and Renji will finish him off. Ichigo's done enough fighting so I doubt they would have him do yet another fight...if they do then I'm gonna bash my head into the computer and yell Banki.
  21. Suspect they will answer that in the coming chapters.
  22. pretty good chapter. I've always wondered what caused Pain to become such a douche. Can't wait to see the whole story and Naruto's answer.
  23. rofl wtf *shakes head*
  24. "republicans are nearly a minority". That comment right there shows how blind and ignorant people like this guy are. Obama only won by 52% so I'm not sure why he thinks republicans are a minority now. I tend to ignore videos from this guy as well as news on FOX. So what if the republicans are organizing tea party's. It's no where near as dangerous as Obama releasing terrorists from camps or Obama trying to take away out gun rights.
  25. I think it's been about 5 or 6 months now since I started noticing changed in my throat. Out of the blue I started noticed my voice getting deeper and deeper. It started becoming harder to pronounce words that I used to have no problems saying. It was almost like I was hitting puberty again....but I'm 22 so it's doubtful thats it. After the sudden drop in my voice I've been noticed my throat always seems to be obstructed by what feels like mucus. When I clear my throat nothing really comes out but it still helps a bit when I need to talk. I end up having to clear my throat ever time I want to talk now which is becoming really annoying. I don't smoke so I we can rule that out as being a cause. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe it's a ear/nasal drip. I've never had this type of throat problem before but I've always had nasal drip problems. I figured id post on here to see if anyone else has had something like this before. It's annoying as hell and I hate having a deeper voice. It's so hard to communicate with people when your voice blends in with almost any type of noise lol.